Mahjong News congratulating the current reigning champion back in 2014.

TOKYO, Japan - Hiroshi Yamai reminisces about the first WRC in France: In most tournaments I play planning to win the title from the start, but the world championship was different. First of all, this was the first trip abroad with so many people in the league,so I was really looking forward to that. Of course one of the things I was looking forward to was playing with players from other countries. I cared mostly about making sure this first tournament was a success and exciting, so I never even considered or thought about winning. After the tournament started, my focus changed, of course, and then I ended up winning, which was incredible.

Photo courtesy Gemma Sakamoto: Dave is working on the schedule for the WRC... it's actually going well despite what his face is telling you.

LAS VEGAS - For the hundreds of riichi mahjong players that will soon be converging on the desert city of Las Vegas to attend the second iteration of the World Riichi Championship, October is rapidly approaching, and for host and organizer David Bresnick, it is a milestone day that has occupied his mind and energy for the better part of a year. Mahjong News sits down with David to learn about the man behind the mission.

Image snapshot from Masters of Mahjong trailer, website here.

(Update: Names of Japanese players added)

LAS VEGAS, USA - The World Riichi Championship committee has released the preliminary list of qualified European players slated to attend the 2017 competition set for 4th-8th of October in Las Vegas, Nevada.

LAS VEGAS, USA - More updates are coming from the World Riichi Championship organizers, with the latest release of the qualified North American players, and other invites.

Hiroshi Yamai as World Champion in 2014.

LAS VEGAS - In 2014, during the first ever World Riichi Championship hosted by TNT mahjong club of Puteaux, France, Hiroshi Yamai of Japan emerged after three days of grueling competition to the first crowned World Champion of riichi mahjong, and he hopes to repeat this achievement in the next iteration of the competition to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 4th-8th, 2017.