LAS VEGAS, USA - Just a few hours to go until the dice are rolled to indicate the start of the first hanchan of the second edition of the "World Riichi Championship" (09:15 PST). The crew of MondoTV has been on location since yesterday, filming the opening ceremony and interviewing several contestants, and will continue to shoot footage during the upcoming four days. Interested parties can watch daily LIVE streams by MondoTV and JPML.

Yesterday afternoon participants have been assigned to group A or B (tournament format), and are following the finalized schedule. Watch the online streams via the links below:

Qualifying Rounds (Day 1):

Qualifying Rounds (Day 2):

Best 32 and Best 16:

Best 8 and Finals:


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  • Guest - Nobu

    Pretty disappointing that there is 0 dedication for international audience coverage, even though this is WORLD riichi championship. not even an attempt to re-host japanese coverage on international streaming website like youtube or twitch.

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