Counting it out for the WRC, it's three to get ready... and four to GO!

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, U.S.A - The evening opening ceremonies of the second World Riichi Championship swooned into a swing, serenaded by the King of Rock and Roll himself, and marking the beginning of the world games, attended by over two hundred players from twenty-six countries.

Master of ceremonies, Garthe Nelson, translated by Jenn Barr, made introductions and thanks to many of the evening's sponsors and special guests, to include the current reigning World Riichi Champion Hiroshi Yamai. The gracious champion wished every player good luck, and looked forward to the competitions to follow.

Hiroshi Yamai eclipsed by the bright lights of Vegas.

Special guest Benjamin Boas, American expatriate living in Japan, and Cool Japan Ambassador, also had the opportunity to welcome all the players to this uniquely Japanese version of mahjong, and to thank many of the people who's past efforts helped bring riichi mahjong to the world stage.

Ben's animated address in the bright lights of the big city.
President of the Japanese Professional Mahjong League Shigekazu Moriyama.
The Austrian contingent and friends enjoying the opening ceremonies.
South America's players and Wen Long Li of China toasting the kick-off.





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