Social play at the Palms

LAS VEGAS, USA - While behind the scenes the organizers are doing an outstanding job handling unexpected logistic problems, more and more participants are pouring in at the tournament location, the Palms Casino Resort. Contestants are checking into their rooms, trying their luck on the casino floor, and engage in casual social play.

While all are aware of the current issues, this had absolutely no impact on the first unofficial meeting between participants yesterday evening. The organizers invited all players to enjoy a friendly hanchan, using the brand new tournament riichi sets during a first social play meeting. Free food, catching up with 'old riichi friends', and the opportunity to encounter new opponents in a non-hostile environment, lured players to 'Social Table', a pub conveniently located at the tournament venue.

The atmosphere was informal; a perfect way to meet the competition. Participants from various European countries interacted with American players. A dozen Japanese participants, who arrived yesterday afternoon, attended the gathering, and some of them even engaged in a hanchan or two. There were a few discussions on rule sets, a few high profile players demonstrated how the game should be played, introductions were made, and new friendships were forged over the tiles. All in all a great 'unofficial start' of the "World Riichi Championship"!


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