Pisa in Italy's Tuscany region is the perfect stage for the WMC2019

BEIJING, China - Two days ago the 'World Mahjong Organization' published an official announcement on their website: the organization has granted the hosting right of the sixth "World Mahjong Championship 2019" ("WMC2019") to the European Mahjong Association and the Federazione Italiana Mah Jong.

The official press release reads: "World Mahjong Organization granted hosting right of sixth World Mahjong Organization to European Mahjong Association and Federazione Italiana Mah Jong. World Mahjong Organization had done so after careful review of all candidates and their credentials. The sixth World Mahjong Championship will in Italy coming 2019. The Championship should follow the direction and guidance of the Mahjong Competition Rules by the World Mahjong Organization in the spirit of Olympic sportsmanship. The selection of referees should follow the guidance of the Mahjong Competition Rules. Referees will participate upon the approval of the World Mahjong Contest Center. Players quota will selected by member associations upon agreed plan. World Mahjong Organization will support and assist the Federazione Italiana Mah Jong and the European Mahjong Association to achieve a great success of the sixth World Mahjong Championship." The original announcement in Chinese put up on the WMO website dated April 22, 2018 can be viewed here.

Pisa in October

As yet nor the European Mahjong Association or the Federazione Italiana Mah Jong has made any official announcements through their website or social media. An anonymous source within the Italian mahjong community has disclosed the event will take place in Pisa in the Tuscany region. Francesco Martini, the official organizer, and his crew have already booked a venue for upcoming October. Mahjong News has contacted both the EMA (Luc Humbert) and FIMJ (Marco Montebelli) and is waiting for a response. UPDATE July 26th: Mahjong News is still waiting for a response (any response).

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  • Hello, there were some signals that the mcr Championship in Pisa has been cancelled for minor reasons. Is there anybody with more information??

  • At this moment no official organization has confirmed the cancellation of this event. But then again: nor EMA, FIMJ or Francesco Martini ever responded to any of my mails/messages asking for confirmation of the official WMO press release of last April.

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