Group photo at WMSG selection trial on SBR in Moscow, 2017.

MOSCOW, Russia - Russian riichi player Alexey Leontiev (8th dan at 'Tenho') was the best at WMSG-2018 selection trial on SBR in Moscow, the only Sichuan-style mahjong WMSG selection trial tournament in Europe. The runner-up is Aleksander Bogatikov, 3rd place goes to Denis Lugannikov (all three winners are from Moscow). This 5-session tournament gathered as many as twenty-eight players from Russia, China and Uzbekistan. Prize for the winner was provided by MEIZU Technology.

Very interesting psychological observation lies in 'easiness' of playing in tournament by both MCR and riichi players. SBR rules are the link between these two groups. In fact, the tournament was attended by: eight MCR players, eight riichi players, seven players who play both rules, three Chinese (neither MCR, nor riichi), and two novice players.

The event was held at the Teahouse DAO, the place where several official and club mahjong tournaments in three different rule-sets took place in Moscow for the last 12 months.

MEIZU Technology

MEIZU Technology is an official partner of 2nd World Mahjong Sports Games to take place in 2018 in China. The company provided the high-valued prize (smartphone) for the winner of WMSG selection trial on SBR.

Alexey Leontiev, the winner of WMSG selection trial on SBR in Moscow, receives Meizu PRO 7 smartphone as a prize.

Final Results of WMSG selection trial 2017 on SBR (SBR), Moscow

Place First Name Surname Nat. MP
1 Alexey Leontiev RUS 228
2 Aleksander Bogatikov RUS 211
3 Denis Lugannikov RUS 196
4 Ilya Kvasha RUS 195
5 Vitaly Novikov RUS 193
6 Maxim Gogolev RUS 176
7 Natalya Chichigina RUS 174
8 Anastasiya Chernykh RUS 171
9 Vladislav Plyasunov RUS 163
10 Xin Wang CHN 150
11 Natalia Golikova RUS 147
12 Marina Belousova RUS 145
13 Sergey Aleshin RUS 144
14 Aleksander Melionov RUS 127
15 Elena Turlina RUS 121
16 Veronika Filiushkina RUS 104
17 Ivan Martynov RUS 103
18 Viacheslav Chichigin RUS 100
19 Nan Ji CHN 99
20 Evgeniy Kim UZB 96
21 Andrey Chichigin RUS 89
22 Ekaterina Konstantinova RUS 87
23 Yan Shkurinskiy RUS 82
24 Pavel Anokhin RUS 51
25 Bixi Bai CHN 40
26 Ilya Monakov RUS 30
27 Anton Antonov RUS -41
28 Maria Artamonova RUS -73


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