Left to right: Bai Bixi (SMZY Games), Aleksander Bogatikov (2nd), Alexey Leontiev (winner), Denis Lugannikov (3rd), Wang Xin (SMZY Games).

MOSCOW, Russia - Russian riichi player Alexey Leontiev (8th dan at 'Tenho') was the best at WMSG-2018 selection trial on SBR in Moscow, the only Sichuan-style mahjong WMSG selection trial tournament in Europe. The runner-up is Aleksander Bogatikov, 3rd place goes to Denis Lugannikov (all three winners are from Moscow). This 5-session tournament gathered as many as twenty-eight players from Russia, China and Uzbekistan. Prize for the winner was provided by MEIZU Technology.

Evgeniy Kim (1st and center), with Tatiana Goptareva (2nd and left) and Alexander Bogatikov (3rd).

MOSCOW, Russia - First in Europe official tournament of Sichuan Bloody Rules (SBR) took place in Moscow this Saturday. The winner is Evgeniy Kim, riichi player, doctor by profession. Runner-up is Tatiana Goptareva, 3rd place is taken by Alexander Bogatikov. Twenty players from Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Ivanovo took part in the tournament.

Winner of the Bloody Mahjong World Grand Prix, Yao Wen (right), in action.

CHENGDU - Yao Wen takes home the grand prize of the 1st World Grand Prix of Bloody Mahjong, along with its cash prize of RMB 200,000 ($30,000). Second place goes to Bo Li, with RMB 100,000 ($15,000), and third to Xiaohong Li with RMB 50,000 ($7,500). The team ‘Hop Swiss’ from Switzerland was awarded 4th place in the team Global Mahjong Champions League also taking place at the same venue.

Hibiscus Flower Exhibition Center
Hibiscus Flower Exhibition Center, venue for the games, as seen at night.

CHENGDU - Day two of the 1st World Grand Prix of Bloody Mahjong has finished with the top 16 players progressing on to compete for the top prizes, including the grand prize of RMB 200,000. Otherwise, the top 64 have already locked in their positions, and win the consolation prize of RMB 5,000 each! Tomorrow will be the award ceremony for this, and the Global Mahjong Champions League Finale.

RUSSIA, Moscow - SBR Moscow Open 2017 will take place on June 17, 2017 in Moscow. This will be the first Sichuan Bloody Rules (SBR) tournament in Europe.