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Rare Opportunity for Free Mahjong Seminar with Daina Chiba

Daina Chiba (on right) with Dragon Owl organizer Marek Wakuluk.

BIELAWA, Poland- If you are so lucky to live within traveling distance to Bielawa, Poland, then you are also fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of one of the few opportunities to sit in July 30th on a free world-class mahjong strategy course by Daina Chiba being held in conjunction with the July 29th Dragon Owl Riichi Contest.

MCR Saint Petersburg Open 2017 goes to Aleksander Bogatikov

From left: Anastasiya Chernych (2nd), Alexander Bogatikov (1st, standing on tiptoe), Vitalii Savickii (3rd, and champion)

SAINT PETERSBURG, Russia - Aleksander Bogatikov is the winner of the MCR Saint Petersburg Open 2017.

Maurizio Bagnoli Wins First Italian Riichi Tournament

Maurizio Bagnoli's stare of death.

BOLOGNA, Italy - After four hanchans Maurizio Bagnoli came out victorious at the "Tanuki Tournament" (non RERS), scoring 60,600 points. Runner up was Alan Coli with 56,500 and by the skin of his teeth Paolo Silverstri claimed third prize with 41,300 points.

At 76, Dutch Mahjong Founding Father Jelte Rep Wins His First Tournament

'Dr. Mahjong' proudly showing his trophy.

ALPHEN / Rhine, the Netherlands - Jelte Rep is one of the founding fathers of organized mahjong in the Netherlands. Not alone did he write several books about his favorite pastime, he also designed the first Excel spreadsheets to keep up the scores easier during tournaments, he organized a number of tournaments in his residence Hilversum (the Dutch ‘Radio City’), he teaches mahjong at the ‘Peoples University’ and he was an important source of inspiration for the founding of the Dutch Mahjong League. But not until today at the town of Alphen, Mr. Rep (now 76), won an official tournament. Of course in his favorite type mahjong, Dutch Tournament Rules, the local variant of the old-fashioned classical Chinese game.

MCR Dutch Open: New Victory for Joël Ratsimandresy

Top-three of the MCR Dutch Open, from left Marco Montebelli, Joël Ratsimandresy, Ans Hoogland.

BERGHEM, the Netherlands - And again, a victory for Joël Ratsimendresy. Today in the MCR Dutch Open at Berghem, the Frenchman was the strongest player in a field of 88. Just one week ago, he was the winner in the Riichi (!) Open in the Austrian town of Graz. Runner-up was Marco Montebelli from Italy, who is just as used as standing on the podium as Joël. Third place was for Ans Hoogland from the Netherlands.

Joël Ratsimandresy Crushes His Opponents in Graz

Michal Marko (2nd), Joël Ratsimandresy (1st), and Lena Weinguny (3rd).

GRAZ, Austria - Joël Ratsimandresy easily carried away the trophy from the Graz Riichi Tournament (RERS1) with 254,000 points, followed in a distant 2nd place by Michal Marko with 93,300, and Lena Weinguny with 76,400 in 3rd.

Lucille Cheung-Ah-Seung Takes Reunion Island

Top three from Reunion, Lucille Cheung-Ah-Seung (1st and center), David Aure (2nd), and Eric Bonmalais (3rd).

REUNION ISLAND - Lucille Cheung-Ah-Seung takes the MERS1 Reunion Island trophy with 4 table points and 312 mini-points, followed by David Aure, also with 4 table points but 225 mini-points, and in 3rd Eric Bonmalais with 4 table points, and 166 mini-points.

Kitaura Yasuhiro Blooms in Kyoto Cherry Blossom Cup

Top players from the 2017 Cherry Blossom Cup.

KYOTO, Japan - Kyoto MCR Mahjong Club hosted the latest "Kyoto Cherry Blossom Cup 2017" (京都桜杯2017) 22 - 23rd of April 2017 over two days and eight sessions following the MCR rules, in which forty players participated, including six from China and one from Singapore. In the end, it was Kitaura Yasuhiro (北浦 康弘) who bloomed victorious, followed by Bernard Ang Wei Ming (洪伟铭) from Singapore in second, Takasaka Hidenobu (高坂 英伸) in third.

Marco Takes 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in Itinerant Tournament

Top three players from the 2016-2017 Itinerant Tournament, from left to right; Marco Montebelli (2nd), Marco Milandri (1st) and Marco Bazzocchi (3rd).

BOLOGNA, Italy - The eighth and last leg of the Italian Itinerant Tournament ended with Giacomo Ferruzzi's victory with 11 table points. Same score for Elena Savini in second place, and also for Alberto Rosi who closes the podium in 3rd. The event capped off the Itinerant Tournament for the 2016-2017 season, with Marco Milandri taking top spot, followed by Marco Montebelli, and Marco Bazzocchi.

All Non-Danish Podium in Denmark

Top-three players of the Open Danish Championship 2017. From left: Timur Hahn, Denis Lugannikov, Raúl Rios Navarro.

COPENHAGEN - The Danes, often considered the best mahjong players of Europe, beaten in their own championship… This is the surprising result of the Open Danish MCR, concluded today in Copenhagen. At the end of the day, the podium was occupied by, successively, a Russian (winner Denis Lugannikov), a German (runner-up Timur Hahn) and a Spaniard (Raúl Rios Navarro). The first Danish player was Camilla Bonde Dalsgaard, who ended in sixth postion. 


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