Zeger de Jong from Holland‘s picture of his arrival at Póvoa.

PÓVOA DE VARZIM, Portugal - The start of the Open European Mahjong Championship  is not until Friday morning, 10:00 A.M. Yet, mahjong players are arriving already in the Portuguese City of Mahjong 2017, so they can enjoy the nice weather and the surroundings of this popular sea resort.

This morning, Dutch player Zeger de Jong already posted a picture on his Facebook page of the railway station of Póvoa, with the text ‘Arriving in Póvoa’…

R. Machado

Organizing director Rui Machado is counting the hours, the minutes and the seconds until the first gong-stroke. And he is experiencing what happened to so many OEMC-organizers before him: where are the Japanese, and especially: where are the Chinese? When will they arrive, and will they arrive in the first place? E-mailing with the guests from the Far East is never easy.

It happened on the first OEMC in the Netherlands, now twelve years ago, and it still happens: months before the competition, they send a list with names. But this list may differ a lot from the players who actually show up. But no-one would like to play an Open European Mahjong Championship without the Chinese, who not only invented the game, but who still are the undisputed masters of it.


Before the actual start of the OEMC, a referee seminar will take place on Thursday (Ascension Day), followed in the evening by a meeting of the general assemblee of the European Mahjong Association (EMA). The next day, the 6th OEMC starts with an opening ceremony followed by the first day of competition. On this day, four sessions, 120 minutes each, will be played.

On Saturday, the competition will continue with four more matches. On Sunday, the final two games will be played which will define the new MCR Mahjong European Champion.
The prize ceremony followed by a dinner will close the event. 

The scoresheet of the OEMC 2017.




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