Wu is arrested over the callous murder of mahjong bar owner Mr. Chang.

HEYUAN - When Wang Wu was thrown out and banned from the local mahjong club, that set of a chain of events that resulted in him jumping out of a building - only for him to survive and get arrested.

Wang, 39, was barred from the club in Heyuan city in southeast Guangdong province after arguing with other players.
When owner Dewei Chang, 47, refused to back him in the row, told him he was ‘being too aggressive’, and showed him the door, Wu returned with a knife.
Mr. Chang was stabbed to death at the bar, and Wu fled the scene, leaving the weapon behind.
When police turned up at his flat to arrest him, Wu began threatening to kill himself, and there was a one-hour standoff at the building.

Cus hion

Eventually, firemen managed to set up a giant inflatable cushion below the flat, which the desperate man tried to avoid as he tried to leap past it to his death.

Fire brigade spokesman Yi Sung said: ‘When he jumped, officers were able to pull it a meter to one side, and it was enough to catch him and prevent serious injury.’
He has been arrested and will face manslaughter charges in a trail expected to take place later this year.
Mr Chang’s family meanwhile are demanding the death penalty.

(Daily Mail)


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