Garthe Nelson announces the names of the Final Four as they walk the red carpet into the table-tron.

VEGAS, USA - The top four players for 2017 move on to the final table. Masaharu Tomotake, Hiroyuki Yamada, Yutaka Nakamura, and Ryuichi Masuda. Four players, two hanchan, one champion. With one hanchan down, the path begins to emerge.

Hanchan 1 Final Four Round Results

Final Four H1 H2 Final
TOMOTAKE, Masaharu 20.8 0 0
MASUDA, Ryuichi -10.2 0 0
NAKAMURA, Yutaka -20.7 0 0
YAMADA, Hiroyuki 10.1 0 0
Hiroyuki Yamada


Yutaka Nakamura


Ryuichi Masuda


Masaharu Tomotake



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