LONDON - The London MCR Championship this year was run under a certain seating scheme allowing players to meet other having similar performances several times during the tournament. The current session has brought together Sherlock Holmes, Mrs. Hudson, Professor Moriarty, and his loyal henchman Colonel Moran. Before the last deal players had the following scores:

  • Holmes -- +200 pts.,
  • Moriarty -- +25 pts.,
  • Hudson -- -50 pts.,
  • Moran -- -175 pts.

To win Moriarty has to overcome a difference of 200-25=175 points, which can be done in one of three ways:

  1. To win from the wall with a hand costing not less than (175-32)/4=36 points.
  2. To win from Holmes' discard with a hand costing not less than (175-32)/2=72 points.
  3. To win from discard of Hudson or Moran with a hand costing no less than 175-32+1=144 points.

So, after the 16th deal starts, and a few turns later, Moriarty's concealed hand has five pairs of honors: concealed -- , melded -- four flowers (no more flowers are left in the wall).

All three plans may work well for his hand :

  1. "Seven Pairs" from the wall: 24 points for "Seven Pairs", 4 for "Fully Concealed Hand", 4 for Flowers, totalling 24+4+4=32 points. Still lacking four points which may come from "Half Flush" of even from "All Terminals and Honors".
  2. Pungs on Winds or Dragons will bring 64 points for "All Honors", 4 for Flowers, totalling 64+4=68 points. Four missing points may be obtained either from two Dragons Pungs, or from three Pungs of Winds, or from concealed Pungs, or from Kongs, etc.
  3. For the third option most likely fan "Little Four Winds" is needed which requires three Winds Pungs, but also getting into the hand two North Wind tiles, or alternatively points can come from concealed Pungs and Kongs.

Hudson discards  and Moran pungs it. After a few turns Moran discards . What to do? The third plan, obviously, is not going to work. At this moment there are too many terminal tiles in the discards, which leaves only two options: "Seven Pairs" with "Half Flush" or plenty of pungs on honor tiles.

Stop, but what is it? Despite the fact that every player discarded by this point 9-10 tiles, Moriarty sees the following picture:

  • there are no Honor tiles in the discards,
  • the hands of Holmes and Hudson are still concealed.

What's going on? Either all the honor tiles are in the hands of the two "H" -- Holmes and Hudson, or, on the contrary, plenty of them will come from the wall very soon. Moriarty takes plan 2. "Pung!" After a few moves Moran discards , "Pung!" and discarded  was also punged. The hands of Holmes and Hudson are still concealed.

And here comes the culmination, the hand of Moriarty: concealed -- , melded --  and four Flowers.

He has long been waiting in vain for a dragon tile, but the dragons still have not yet appeared in the discards. For the last tile from the wall Moriarty takes a dragon tile ... but not a needed one! It is , and therefore no mahjong in hand. Out of five tiles, he has to discard one. Moriarty chooses, discards and hears from two sides: "Hu!"

Question (): Please, provide hands of Sherlock Holmes and Mrs. Hudson under condition that both hands are waiting for any discarded by Moriarty Dragon tile:  or . Each correct hand will be scored for .


Prizes generously provided by the publishers of Mahjong Collector Magazine, and by Holiday Mahjong Online.