From left to right: Sergey Zarubin (2nd), Vitaliy Meshin (1st), Alexander Filippov (3rd). Sitting: Grigoriy Merkulov (consolation prize)

NOVOSIBIRSK, Russia - First in "Siberia" zone of Russia RERS tournament "Siberia Cup 2017" was won by Vitaliy Meshin from Novosibirsk who accumulated 88,700 points after 8 sessions. Runner-up is Sergey Zarubin from Bratsk, 3rd prize goes to Alexander Filippov from Novosibirsk. This RERS-1 tournament gathered twenty-four players from five Siberian cities of Russia.

(left to right) Michael Donaghy (2nd), Yihe Lu (1st), Ryo Fukaura (3rd), Jason He (4th)

GODALMING, United Kingdom - Chinese player Yihe Lu, runner-up of the 2015 edition, has convincingly won the UK Open Riichi Tournament 2017 (RERS2), with 179,100 points. Second place goes to Michael Donaghy, scoring 129,700 points. Ryo Fukaura took third position, with 126,300 points, overtaking Jason He by 200 points! Forty players (seven nationalities) competed for two days in eight hanchans at the picturesque town of Godalming, near Guildford.

(left to right) Nicole Haasbroek (3rd), Joe-Calberson Huynh (1st), Antoine Rossard (2nd) - Photo by David Clarke

AACHEN, Germany - Unstoppable French player Joe-Calberson Huynh takes first prize at the "Aachen Riichi Open" (RERS1) scoring 152,600 points, fellow 'Tri Nitro Tiles' club member Antoine Rossard comes in second with 120,600 points, and Dutch Nicole Haasbroek claims third position with 104,100 points.

From left to right: Maxim Veselov (organizer), Vladimir Bogdanov (2nd), Ilya Monakov (1st), Oxana Vyshivannaya (3rd)

IVANOVO, Russia - Ilya Monakov accumulating 135,900 points after 8 sessions was the best in Ivanovo Region Riichi 2017,  RERS-1 tournament which gathered twenty-eight players from eight cities in Russia. Runner-up is Vladimir Bogdanov, 3rd prize goes to Oxana Vyshivannaya. All the winners are from Moscow.

Podium plus the lowest scoring player: in the middle radiant winner Justyna Rak

BIELAWA, Poland - Just like the previous edition last year a female player snatches up the first prize: Justyna Rak wins the 'Dragon Owl Riichi Contest' (RERS1) with 84,200 points, second place goes to Daina Chiba scoring 81,400 points and in third comes Dmytro Lienko with 76,900 points.

Martha Pasterkamp with her trophies, standing next to tournament organizer Martin Rep.

BUSSUM, the Netherlands - Just yesterday, Dutch riichi mahjong player Martha Pasterkamp and her friend went to the city hall in her residence Amsterdam, to give notice of their intended marriage. One day later, today at Bussum, she won the first prize in the Furiten Riichi Tournament. No wonder, the bride-to-be beamed all over.

(left to right) Winner Juraj Móza, Bartosz Żuk, Mateusz Woźniak

KATOWICE, Poland - Juraj Móza wins the first "Upper Silesian Riichi Mahjong Championships" (no RERS), scoring 131,000 points. Bartosz Żuk finishes in second position with 117,900 points, and third place goes to Mateusz Woźniak with 108,700 points.