Left to right: Pavel Sorokin (2nd), Eduard "Dragon" Polozov (winner), Vladislav Plyasunov (3rd).

TYUMEN, Russia - The third in "Siberia" zone of Russia RERS tournament took place in Tyumen gathering twenty players from six cities of Russia. This tournament concluded official EMA tournaments in 2017 both in MCR and riichi rules. The winner is Eduard "Dragon" Polozov from Tyumen (winner's nickname most probably comes from his last name which relates to the type of serpent), runner-up is Pavel Sorokin from Saint Petersburg, 3rd place goes to Vladislav Plyasunov from Moscow. All scoring was done via "Pantheon" system -- no paper or tenbo sticks, login via mobiles or smartphones.

(left to right) Joni Virolainen (2nd), Kai Heikkilä (1st), Samu Viitanen (3rd) (photo credit: Konsta Lensu)

TAMPERE, Finland - Kai Heikkilä effortlessly takes home the gold at the "Tenpai Yearly Championship" (RERS1), scoring 117,400 points. In second place comes Joni Virolainen with 66,100 points, while Samu Viitanen takes third position, scoring 59,900 points.

Left to right: Andrei Maximov (organizer), Nikita Tkachenko (2nd), Nikita Grishaev (winner and new champion), Liudmila Gaynulina (3rd), Leon Nikolaev (organiser), Oleg Klimenko ("Pantheon" software developer).

SAINT PETERSBURG, Russia - Nikita Grishaev from Moscow wins Russian Riichi Open 2017. He is the best out of eighty-four players from thirteen cities of Russia and Kazakhstan. Runner-up is Nikita Tkachenko, 3rd place is taken by Liudmila Gaynulina (both also from Moscow).

(left to right) John Kuijpers (2nd), Axel Eschenburg (1st), Waldemar Laube (3rd)

BARSINGHAUSEN, Germany - Axel Eschenburg wins the "German Riichi Open" (RERS2), scoring 192,400 points. Runner-up is Dutch John Kuijpers with 151,300 points, and in third position is Waldemar Laube scoring 105,100 points.

(left to right) Chaolei Chen (2nd), Birgitt Rupp (1st), Alexander Doppelhofer (3rd)

TRIBUSWINKEL, Austria - After three days of celebrating Alexander Doppelhofer's 50th birthday and playing riichi, Austrian Birgitt 'Rubi' Rupp is victorious at the "Austrian Riichi Open" (RERS2), scoring 246,500 points. French 'Tri Nitro Tiles' player Chaolei Chen is runner-up with 209,800 points and organizer and birthday boy Alexander Doppelhofer is in third position, scoring 132,600 points.

(left to right) Jeremia Kunnari (2nd), Konsta Lensu (1st), Henri Kumpulainen (3rd) (photo credit: Niko Nurro)

ESPOO, Finland - Konsta Lensu convincingly dominates his opponents at the "Finnish Riichi Mahjong Championship" (RERS1), scoring 228,700 points. Second place goes to Jeremia Kunnari with 163,300 points; third position to Henri Kumpulainen, scoring 125,900 points.

Podium Ostrava; Juraj Móza showing off his huge trophy (photo credit: Lenka Raková)

OSTRAVA, Czech Republic - Juraj Móza, victor at the Katowice tournament last July, wins the first edition of the "Ostrava Riichi Open" (RERS1), scoring 102,200 points. Runner up is Rafał Baranowski with 97,600 points, and Marta Binkowska comes in third, with 54,300 points.