Ad Vanderlinden stays #1.

BADEN (Vienna), Austria - Ranking as of 19 November 2017: Ad Van der Linden (NDL) stays atop the ranking at #1, followed by John Kuijpers (NDL) who holds #2, with Mateusz Wozniak (POL) holding steady at 3rd.

Daina Chiba

BADEN, Austria - Alexander Doppelhofer has calculated cumulative player performance in European tournaments throughout 2016, and Daina Chiba from Great Britain has emerged as the #1 European player of the year, followed by Ad Van der Linden of the Netherlands, and Anna Shpilman of Russia.

#1 European MCR player results coming soon.

Henrik Leth

COPENHAGEN, Denmark  - Henrik Leth from Denmark takes leadership in EMA-Riichi Ranking.