Music by Projecto Shantia – Viagem during the official opening of the OEMC 2017.

PÓVOA DE VARZIM, Portugal - The sixth Open European Mahjong Championship has begun. After a formal and festive opening party, finally the first gongstroke was given for the first session, lasting from 14:00~16:00 PM. The results of the first session would be published soon after all scoresheets were handed over to the jury.

Pictures of the party… and before

Welcome ceremony; left, organizer Rui Machado watches from side-stage singer Daniel Pereira Cruz.
Staff photographer Helena Penso and organizer Rui Machado.


Chinese players waiting to enter the Póvoa Casino.


Players can hardly wait to be let in.


Waiting on the stairs…
What time is it? More waiting…



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