Organizer Rui Machado overlooking one of the tables.

PÓVOA DE VARZIM, Portugal – The Austrians have scored the best results in the past Open European Mahjong Championship, based on the positions of the participants. The average position of the six Austrians in the final classification of 216 participants was 65.7.

From left 3rd place and new reigning European Champion Matthieu Pfeiffer (fr), winner Yoshihiro Suzuki (jp), and second place Linghua Jiao (cn).

PÓVOA DE VARZIM, Portugal - Tournament winner for the second time in a row is... Yoshihiro Suzuki of Japan, followed by Linghua Jiao of China as runner up, and the new 2017 Open European Mahjong Champion is Matthieu Pfeiffer of France, finishing the tournament in 3rd.

With 2017 OEMC scores so tight going into the final round, every single point means everything.

PÓVOA DE VARZIM, Portugal - After nine sessions and with just one more to play, Japanese Yoshihori Suzuki has once again taken the lead (31 table points). Chinese Linghua Jiao is in second position with 30 table points. Best European player is Italian Marco Milandri in third place (28 table points). It's close enough where the final session will determine the ultimate champion in a nail-biter finish.

Closing ceremonies for the 2017 OEMC have begun. The new reigning champion to be announced any minute.

PÓVOA DE VARZIM, Portugal - And the new 2017 Open European Mahjong Champion is...

Psychological warfare and icy looks on day two...

PÓVOA DE VARZIM, Portugal - After two days and eight excruciating sessions former World Champion Linghua Jiao from China still dominates the top spot (28 pnts). Runner-up with one (!) table point less is OEMC2014 winner Yoshihiro Suzuki and at number three Aleksander Bogatikov from Russia (26 pnts), who has been victorious several times at both the Saint-Petersburg and the Moscow MCR tournament.