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OSLO, Norway - Yesterday the European Mahjong Association (EMA) welcomed Riichi Organization Norway (RON) as their twenty-first member.

Founded in November 2017 Riichi Organization Norway, currently consisting of roughly twenty riichi players, has been registered in Norway as an official organization since late February. President Glenn Ivar Husom, who will represent his country on EMA's Board, made valuable connections with Mahjong Denmark during the "Danish Riichi Championship" in September 2017 which set off a series of events resulting in the affiliation of RON with EMA, even though EMA's requirement for member organizations to create a website has not been met (RON's website is still under construction). The formal admission of RON will take place at the upcoming EMA General Assembly in June 2019; in the meantime, they are still treated like all other affiliated members, i.e. players are included in the ranking and RON can ask for MERS certification of tournaments.

Glenn Ivar Husom expresses his intentions for the near future: "As for the official tournament, we are going to attempt to cooperate with EMA in regards to avoiding collisions in the calendar, and we feel that ideally, we want to prioritize decent intervals between Scandinavian tournaments if possible, but also attempting to consider when Norway would be a pleasant country to visit." [...] "we are thinking of spring as an option or late summer."

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  • Guest - Senechal

    Question: Has MN obtained exclusive information that it is called "Riichi Mahjong Organization Norway", or was this a multiple oversight in reporting?

  • During our chat President Glenn Ivar Husom states: "The name officially is Riichi Mahjong Organization Norway, with RON for short. We originally thought about omitting Mahjong from the name, but kept it mahjong is a better known term than Riichi, and since neither is well known in Norway, we thought it best to keep both."

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