Dallas Mahjong
Dallas mahjong players (from left) Garrett Sandifer, Teemu Koponen, Jasmine Tan, & Donnie Clark hone their riichi skills together.

DALLAS - The click-clack of the tiles is a pastime we all hold dear. But for some, grouping three or four players together, much less an entire tournament, in order to hear those divine sounds is all but impossible. Being a niche community, even on a global scale, we understand and accept this fact. Furthermore, we have taken considerable steps towards unifying our player-base, geography notwithstanding.

Enter the International Online Riichi Mahjong Championship (IORMC).

The IORMC is an annual online competition organized by the Korean Mahjong League (KML) played on one of the most popular Riichi Mahjong online platforms, Tenhou.net. Starting in 2011, the tournament included only two competing national teams. This year, at least thirteen teams from different countries are expected to participate; the US and Canada included.

As part of the effort to ensure the best online players are being sent in representation of their respective countries, the North American Riichi Mahjong Association (NARMA) held four qualifier tournaments. Fifty-three players from the North American region played for a total of eight tournament seats and four alternates (four and two for each country, respectively). The last qualifier took place Saturday, October 22 at 2pm EDT, streamed live via Twitch here: http://twitch.tv/nariichi

Although they may not audibly hear the slight rustle of thousand-point sticks directly preceding a reach, the spirit of the game remains intact. The tournament is, however, played using Tenhou’s standard rule set which, unlike most live tournaments, include the red-five dora, starting-point totals of 25,000 per player (30,000 minus a 5,000 ante), and other sundry nuances.

The IORMC is scheduled for November. Join us in rooting on your country in the largest online Riichi Mahjong tournament to date!'

Current Players List (as of 24 October 2016)

Australia Player 1* Muller 偽赤木
Player 2* Anthony T anthto
Player 3* Owadasenmu 大和田専務
Player 4* Lily Hanasawa
Reserve player 1 Alexander 100%中学生
Canada Player 1* William Lou Element
Player 2* Josh Kuo kuowiz
Player 3* Stephen So エンジェルス☆
Player 4* Casper Tsai AW
Reserve player 1 Victor Li mjfever
Reserve player 2 Jun Oh Juuun
Reserve player 3 Chien Chao Chien
Reserve player 4 Joseph McGowan 505fam
Chinese Taipei Player 1* Liang-yu Chen tnfsh204
Player 2* Ming-Hsin Kuo 池田ねこ
Player 3* funliung funliung
Player 4* Peng-Yu Chen Rays
Reserve player 1 Ōsawa Mimina 桜沢みみな
Reserve player 2 DoBingo Tsai D.B.G.
France Player 1* Mickael Riviere kenshew
Player 2* Jérémie Pierard de Maujouy doux
Player 3* Mathieu Chambe Bacu
Player 4* Simon Picard 麻聖夕
Reserve player 1 Nicolas Campina Salmiok
Reserve player 2 Sean Shorten Foaly
Great Britain Player 1* Max Bowsher MaxB
Player 2* Chris Rowe RostiLFC
Player 3* Michael Donaghy lmm
Player 4* David Clarke 科学者@川村軍団
Reserve player 1 Philip Bielby pmb45
Reserve player 2 Baltazar Veljkovic マッチ
Hong Kong Player 1* Ming NAO!
Player 2* Mick Yeung Lung
Player 3* Allen Chan 若宮明日香
Player 4* Lui Chung Yin 湊斗かげあき
Indonesia Player 1* Arie Novandi Blueblob
Player 2* Casey Lee Fuch0u
Player 3* Pulung Septyoko Pikokola
Player 4* Yuriko Aya aYa
Reserve player 1 David Lee ZC
Reserve player 2 Tryanoto Sehat Santoso tryanoto
Japan Player 1* colotite colotite
Player 2* ringo @りんご@
Player 3* maichii まいちぃ
Player 4* Takunori Kajimoto takutei
Reserve player 1 KASSY かっしー
Reserve player 2 GAMAN 麻雀は我慢
People's Republic of China Player 1* Miao Zhou sabixi
Player 2* shawn wu 零落星奈
Player 3* huang meng 萌えの神
Player 4* fuckdubu 点草独歩
Reserve player 1 zhugeliu 諸葛亮
Reserve player 2 arufimi 天才麻將加奈
Poland Player 1* Mateusz Wozniak 立直平和人
Player 2* Dominik Jarno ドック
Player 3* Piotr Powalowski Powalka
Player 4* Marek Wakuluk Krabman2
Reserve player1 Justyna Rak Janina
Reserve player2 Marta Binkowska TMiranda
Republic of Korea Player 1* Se-Gi Park C.Park
Player 2* Jun-Hee Lee harookie
Player 3* Jun-Ho Kwak Pingdrum
Player 4* Yoon-Jeong Cho ninaka
Reserve player1 Choong-Seog Kim FIRESIGN
Reserve player2 James Yu JamesYu
Russian Federation Player 1* Ian Knives Кана
Player 2* Dmitriy Zaitsev Mityai
Player 3* Valeriya Kim Replay
Player 4* Nikita Tkachenko ;_;
Singapore Player 1* Feng MrFeng
Player 2* Eric quekyze2
Player 3* Lance LuckSack
Player 4* Simon |殲滅天使|
Reserve player 1 Wang Peng chaoswp5
Reserve player 2 Heng レルーガン
Slovakia Player 1* Matej Labas harph
Player 2* Juraj Jergus Onizuka
Player 3* Juraj Moza Rem-rin
Player 4* Daniel Siron Magicus
Reserve player 1 Tomas Siron トシSVK
Reserve player 2 Ondrej Bellay ondrejko
Sweden Player 1* Karl-Edward Ekebland Lindskog
Player 2* Jasper Germeys 原外桃
Player 3* Fritiof Olsson fso
Player 4* Stefan Persson d(0.0;)b
Reserve player 1 Mark LeMoine  
Reserve player 2 Ulf Åström  
United States of America Player 1* Daniel Pascua DdR_Dan
Player 2* Zixuan Jiang 雪泉@月閃
Player 3* Martin Zhang スピカテリブル
Player 4* Wei Bin Wang Harmonix
Reserve player 1 Simon Huang SimonH
Reserve player 2 George Liu-Krason xGeo
Reserve player 3 Yefeng Wang 一発ツモ
Reserve player 4 Chenkun Xu D.Va
Vietnam Player 1* NGUYEN Doan Thuy amaika
Player 2* PHAM Hong Lich 天下無双
Player 3* NGUYEN Duc Trong Souta
Player 4* NGUYEN Quoc Tuan -Sunata-
Reserve player1 NGUYEN Tuan Viet TuanViet


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