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POZNAN, Poland - Finally the highly anticipated app 'Mahjong Tracker' is available to the public. Keeping score during hanchan has never been so easy.

The riichi mahjong app 'Mahjong Tracker' was Poland's best kept secret, until it was used during an official EMA tournament. Last July, during the "Dragon Owl Riichi Contest" (RERS1) in Bielawa, the public got introduced to this new app and from then on riichi lovers have impatiently waited for its official release. Up till then only a few fortunate beta testers were able to try it out, and give their feedback in the process.

The 'Mahjong Tracker' is a consumer-friendly app that allows you to keep score, know each others score at any given time during the game, and record all scores from every hanchan (so you can review them and hopefully improve your skills). Just put in the hand value and let the app care about the points exchange! It also keeps track of any riichi bets and/or counters from previous games. The app is 100% compatible with EMA Riichi Competition Rules (2016 edition), and has English language support. The free version, which is extremely suitable for social play, can be downloaded in the Google Play Store (Android), or via the dedicated Facebook page

Additional features

The development team has announced additional features will be made available in due time. One of those features is the 'live ranking' (as seen during the "Dragon Owl Riichi Contest") in order to make the app also relevant for tournament play. Szymon Lasota, president of the 'Polska Liga Mahjonga', has confirmed the app will be used at future contests on Polish soil. Will other countries follow this example and create a new way of interaction and communication during riichi tournaments? Founder Jakub Bacic is convinced the riichi community is on the brink of a new era: "It's not the end, rather the beginning of something new.".

Mahjong Tracker used during a non-RERS tournament in Katowice last July


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