CHENGDU, China - To cope with a heatwave currently sweeping through parts of China, some people in Chengdu city have been playing mahjong in a river.

Photos of the people in the city, in China's south-western Sichuan province, have been posted online by Chinese media outlets and on social media, prompting amusement from netizens.

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Photo: Nora Tam

HONG KONG - A cleaner was jailed for eight months by a Hong Kong court on Tuesday for helping strangers enter a mahjong school in Yau Ma Tei to cheat customers.

Wang with his ‘poker mahjong cards’. Photo/VCG

CHONGQING, China - Mahjong cards have existed for a long time. Yet, the ‘Chongqing Morning Post’ claims that advertising designer Wang Kai has come up with a pack of mahjong cards that is lighter and cheaper than the traditional tile version of the game. Wang hopes to make money by cutting the cost and equipment involved in playing mahjong.

Picture courtesy Dutch Mahjong League

VOGELENZANG, the Netherlands – During the Easter weekend, in the Dutch village of Vogelenzang (the name means ‘Birds singing’), the traditional flower mosaic takes place. On this occasion, a group of local mahjong fanatics made a red, or rather a purple, dragon, to ask attention for their mahjong demonstration.

CHONGQING, China - A Chinese tourist attraction is drawing in game-loving travelers with a unique feature: a giant game of Mahjong. A video filmed March 11 shows a large group of tourists teaming up to play the Rummy-like game with giant tiles that require multiple people to move and arrange.

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LOS ANGELES - Ever wondered where you could play the world's most luxurious mahjong set? On one of the most luxurious mahjong tables of course. On the 1st of February, 11 Ravens has unveiled it's most luxurious mahjong table offering yet, with the Macan Mahjong Table, starting at a base price of $12,000.

Photo via KTLA

LOS ANGELES - Altercation in LA Chinatown mahjong parlor Hop Sing Tong, open since 1876, turns deadly when an assailant armed with a knife murdered two other men as they played mahjong.

HONG KONG - Three mainland visitors and a local cleaner were caught red-handed at a Hong Kong mahjong parlor after triggering alarm.