Founding President of the IMSA Jose Diamani, CEO of IMSA Geoffrey Borg, and General Secretary of MIL Wenlong Li talk mahjong.

HUAI`AN, China - During the 26 February International Mind Sport Association (IMSA) meeting in Huai`an, Jiangsu Province of China, Mahjong International League (MIL) President Frank Ng and General Secretary Wenlong Li made a presentation of mahjong to the IMSA EC members, and all of the members agreed to accept the MIL as an observer at the meeting. Mahjong is striving to compete among the ranks of mind sport competition along side chess, bridge, draughts, go and Chinese chess, and the MIL is in the process of submitting a formal application to become an observer in IMSA, with an eventual member status as its goal.

Preparing a duplicate wall for transport to the players.

Simultaneous with the meeting, the MIL organized an exhibition tournament of duplicate mahjong during the 2016 IMSA Elite Mind Games at the same venue. Sixteen players including the team champion from the first World Mahjong Sport Games, the Beijing Fangzhuang Club, and players selected from the online platform ( competed. All the VIPs from IMSA enjoyed the duplicate tournament.



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