Scott Miller enjoying his favorite past-time and obsession.

AMARILLO, Texas - Scott Miller commenting on his decision to pass the proverbial torch as editor-in-chief of Mahjong News: "Me, personally, I have immensely enjoyed being editor-in-chief of Mahjong these past five years, and have made innumerable new friends in the process".

Daina Chiba, about to start lecturing on riichi strategy at Bielawa's local library

BIELAWA, Poland - In conjunction with the "Dragon Owl Riichi Contest" organized on the 29th of July 2017, hosting club 'Haneman Hunters' invited tournament participants to sit in on a free world-class riichi seminar led by Daina Chiba, author of "Riichi Book I: A Mahjong Strategy Primer for European Players", which took place the following day. Today the captured footage was posted on YouTube, providing viewers with a summary of "Riichi Book I" and a sneak peek of its long-awaited sequel.

Soft light on the black tiles, which can finally be used during the dark season.

AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands - For Dutch riichi mahjong player Martin Rep, playing dark mahjong games has come to an end. Whether day or night, from now on he can always choose his favorite mahjong set without having to bother about light conditions. Thanks to LED strips which provide beautiful floodlight on the tiles. 

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - As announced at the General Assembly last May in Póvoa de Varzim (Portugal), the new calculation model for the EMA ranking has come into effect on New Year's Day. As a result the EMA updated the riichi and MCR ranking lists.

Snapshot of the current simulation of the riichi ranking

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - As approved by the General Assembly last June, the Mahjong European Ranking System (MERS) will radically change on New Year's day 2018 as a result of a new calculation method.