Top mahjong sleuths for 2017. From left Menno Deij (3rd), Nicole Haasbroek (1st), Cyrille Rak (2nd). 

LONDON - It was ten unsolved mysteries that evaded a verdict for ten challenging weeks, while twenty-seven detectives were hot on the trail of clues. In the end, it was elementary, my dear readers, coming down to time-stamps to break the unprecedented seven-way tie for first. Ms. Fortune solved the most puzzles in the shortest amount of time, awarding her 1st place as the 2017 Sherlock Holmes of Mahjong.

Question: Please, provide a hand and a tile which enters as many fans of this hand, either directly or indirectly.

Note: Two to four entries will be scored for , five to seven entries will be scored for , eight or above entries will be scored for .

During traditional Sunday mahjong game at Baker Street 221 B, and after declaring "Hu," Lestrade started to list his fans.

"How interesting, Holmes," said Watson. "I see that one specific tile enters many fans."

Question (): Please, explain what happened, how Sherlock managed to win championship?

LONDON - The race comes to the very end. Twenty seven contestants from seven countries compete for prizes. Let's take a look at ranking in Sherlock Holmes Mahjong Mysteries Solving Contest after mystery #9. Please, take a note on shifting of starting time for the last mystery.