Riichi Tournaments
(from left): Pavel Bogachev (organizer), Mikhail Lugovkin (2nd), Alexey Leontiev (1rd), Leon Nikolaev (3rd), Daria Ilina (organizer) (photo credit: Azamat Kalchaev)

MOSCOW, Russia - The "Moscow Riichi Open 2018" (Riichi, no RERS) became the first Russian tournament that followed the WRC ruleset, the official ruleset of the World Riichi Championship [After this event was denied EMA accreditation, it was decided the tournament would follow WRC rules, ed]. The tournament was held 18-19 of August at «Shans Boku» bookstore, the place where Tesuji, the oldest riichi-club in Moscow and the organizer of the tournament, holds their weekly meetings.

The tournament was opened with the marvelous morale-raising performance of Japanese drums ensemble «Miyabi» (Moscow Conservatory), an unprecedented opening ceremony in the history of Russian mahjong.

Japanese drums ensemble «Miyabi» (Moscow Conservatory) (photo credit: Leon Nikolaev)

The tournament consisted of ten hanchan, the distance that is now a de facto standard for all major riichi tournaments in Russia. Moscow Riichi Open historically features most of the strongest Moscow riichi players, and this year was no exception. The tournament was also visited by players from many other Russian cities and towns, making it forty-eight participants total.

10th hanchan (photo credit: Azamat Kalchaev)

An intense struggle started from the very first hanchan and the tension was only growing as the tournament went on: it was impossible to predict the winner up until the very end. In the dramatic resolution, Alexey Leontiev (a titled player and 8th dan on claimed the first place with the lowest possible lead of 100 points (0.1 points by WRC accounting rules) over Mikhail Lugovkin (the current winner of European Riichi Championship). Third place was secured by Leon Nikolaev.

Full tournament results can be viewed on the Russian Riichi Portal.

Group photo participants and organizers (photo credit: Azamat Kalchaev)

Final results of the Moscow Riichi Open 2018 (RCR, no RERS), Moscow

Place Name Nat. Points
1 Leontiev Alexey   RUS 171,3
2 Lugovkin Mikhail   RUS 171,2
3 Nikolaev Leon   RUS 155,8
4 Bogachev Pavel   RUS 129,3
5 Anvartdinov Timur   RUS 119,2
6 Vasiliev Sergey   RUS 112,2
7 Grishaev Nikita   RUS 92,2
8 Monakov Ilya   RUS 56,1
9 Tkachenko Nikita   RUS 51,0
10 Kozlov Viktor   RUS 49,9
11 Nadanyan Vladimir   RUS 48,0
12 Bogdanov Vladimir   RUS 46,3
13 Vlasov Anton   RUS 32,8
14 Goryacheva Elena   RUS 22,8
15 Ilina Daria   RUS 19,4
16 Pavlov Georgy   RUS 15,6
17 Kartashiov Pavel   RUS 15,0
18 Gaynulina Liudmila   RUS 11,8
19 Volodin Dmitriy   RUS 10,8
20 Mishakova Lubov   RUS 8,6
21 Korobeynikov Vladimir   RUS 5,0
22 Chernykh Anastasiya   RUS 0,3
23 Plyasunov Vladislav   RUS -5,6
24 Uskova Natalya   RUS -6,2
25 Ahmetov Denis   RUS -10,6
26 Aleshin Sergey   RUS -22,3
27 Ladygin Vladimir   RUS -23,3
28 Borzonogov Vitaly   RUS -26,0
29 Kurmaev Renat   RUS -36,1
30 Mishakov Dmitriy   RUS -46,0
31 Rogozin Leonid   RUS -49,3
32 Shifrin Andrey   RUS -56,9
33 Perov Nikita   RUS -58,0
34 Proskuriakova Olga   RUS -58,1
35 Panina Tamara   RUS -60,4
36 Vyshivannaya Oxana   RUS -60,5
37 Bezuglova Anastasiya   RUS -77,4
38 Masui Hide   JAP -83,0
39 Karpov Alexandr   RUS -88,1
40 Sirotkin Dmitry   RUS -88,8
41 Petrushchenko Sergey   RUS -93,3
42 Elshankin Andrey   RUS -97,8
43 Sviridova Valentina   RUS -101,8
44 Shkurinskii Yan   RUS -131,4
45 Chadova Elena   RUS -149,2
46 Shalimova Elena   RUS -161,2
47 Substitute Player  -300,0
48 Substitute Player  -300,0


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