(from left): Alexey Leontiev (3rd), Arslan Mandjiev (1st), Vladimir Korobeynikov (2nd), Grishin Viktor (4th) (photo credit: Irina Konishcheva)

MOSCOW, Russia - May 20 was the last day of "A-League" - a tournament of 20 hanchan featuring most of the strongest Moscow riichi-players. The tournament used official rules of Japanese Professional Mahjong League (JPML).

JPML official rules (formerly known as "JPML-A" - hence the tournament name) are quite different from EMA or WRC rules: no ippatsu, no kan-dora, and no ura-dora. Uma calculation rules are also different. Complete official JMPL rules description can be found on the offical JPML site (Japanese language only).

"A-League" tournament, which was set up and hosted by Moscow riichi-club "Tesuji", continued for four days (February 18, March 18, April 15 and May 20) with five hanchan played each day. The seating was designed in such a way, that during the first eighteen hanchan all of 28 participants played exactly twice with each other. For the last two hanchan, Swiss-system was used.

Just like pretty much every major Russian tournament nowadays, "A-League" used automatic scoring system Pantheon. Players were using their smartphones or tablets to input results into Pantheon and were not using scoring sticks at all (except for declaring riichi). In addition to drastically simplifying tournament hosts' job Pantheon also allows everybody to see detailed players' statistics: collected yaku, number of successful riichi bets and many other.

After 20 hanchan of tough struggle, Arslan Mandjiev, who is currently ranked 10 in official Russian tournament rating (RR), emerged victorious. Vladimir Korobeynikov (5-dan on Tenhou) was second. Alexey Leontiev (ranked 9 in RR and 8-dan on Tenhou) claimed the third place and Victor Grishin (ranked 15 in RR, ranked 16 in EMA and 6-dan on Tenhou) secured his fourth place.

Tourrnament statistics, provided by Pantheon, can be viewed here.

Tenbo are almost obsolete when using the Pantheon app (photo credit: Irina Konishcheva)

Final Results of the A-League Tournament (Riichi, No RERS), Moscow

Place Name Nat. Points
1 Mandjiev Arslan RUS 195300
2 Korobeynikov Vladimir RUS 172300
3 Leontiev Alexey RUS 144900
4 Grishin Viktor RUS 85300
5 Perov Nikita RUS 76100
6 Monakov Ilya RUS 71900
7 Usmanov Ramil RUS 44200
8 Kozlov Viktor RUS 38000
9 Aleshin Sergey RUS 35200
10 Vasiliev Sergey RUS 32600
11 Bogachev Pavel RUS 22700
12 Mishakova Lubov RUS 2900
13 Mishakov Dmitriy RUS -21300
14 Sviridova Valentina RUS -22300
15 Chernykh Anastasiya RUS -26600
16 Plyasunov Vladislav RUS -31400
17 Usmanov Rodion RUS -38500
18 Lugovkin Mikhail RUS -41600
19 Petrushchenko Sergey RUS -48400
20 Ilina Daria RUS -52500
21 Sirotkin Dmitry RUS -94300
22 Nadanyan Vladimir RUS -102900
23 Vyshivannaya Oxana RUS -104500
24 Chadova Elena RUS -111500
25 Kim Evgeniy RUS -118100
26 Pavlov Georgy RUS -119200
27 Nikolaev Leon RUS -129900
28 Bogdanov Vladimir RUS -223200


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