(from left) Oleksandr Chernenko (3rd), Danil Shatokhin (1st), Boris Moroz (2nd), organizer Maksym Ivanov (photo credit: Sergey Ignatov)

KYIV, Ukraine - After two days and eight hanchan Danil Shatokhin claims victory in the "Kyiv Riichi Open 2018" (no RERS) scoring 110,900 points, followed by Boris Moroz with 105,400 points, and Oleksandr Chernenko, winner at the "Kharkiv Open 2017", with 97,600 points.

Taking the lead from clubs from Kharkiv, which organize the annual "Kharkiv Open" and "Yakuza Cup", last weekend Sergey Ignatov and Maksym Ivanov and their crew from Kyiv-based riichi club 'Темпай' ('Tempai') hosted their first tournament. Besides resident players riichi enthusiasts from Ukraine's cities of Cherkasy, Dnepr, Kharkiv, Luhansk, Odessa, and Zaporizhzhia signed up, as well as two foreign entries. Despite the last minute announcement of the event and the subsequential denial of an EMA certification (due to an unfortunate misunderstanding regarding the application procedure) the tournament was a huge success, which undoubtedly will encourage club 'Темпай' to recreate this experience next year.

Additional pictures can be found on the hosting club's Facebook page (here and here - photography by Sergey Ignatov). 

EMA referee and organizer Maksym Ivanov keeping a keen eye on the participants (photo credit: Sergey Ignatov)

Final results of the Kyiv Riichi Open 2018 (RCR, no RERS), Kyiv

Place Name Nat. Points
1 Danil Shatokhin UKR 110900
2 Boris Moroz UKR 105400
3 Oleksandr Chernenko UKR 97600
4 Anna Zubenko UKR 90500
5 Ruslan Goriuchkin UKR 58000
6 Aleksey Logvinov UKR 57900
7 Nataliia Bloshchinskaya UKR 55100
8 Aleksey Onufrienko UKR 38000
9 Andrii Boiko UKR 31600
10 Andrii Vasin UKR 19400
11 Jasper Germeys SWE 16800
12 Elena Kolpakhchan BLR 12200
13 Dmitriy Varchenko UKR 5400
14 Nataliya Alimova UKR -23700
15 Anton Yarchuk UKR -36600
16 Stanislav Efimenko UKR -51500
17 Mykhailo Nedokushev UKR -58400
18 Sveta Yaremenko UKR -60800
19 Konstantin Nosik UKR -66000
20 Roman Kripak UKR -89000
21 Aleksandr Riepin UKR -96000
22 Vlad Chalenko UKR -101600
23 Valerii Bohdanov UKR -154200
24 Substitute UKR -186800


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