PERM, Russia - For the second time Perm hosted EMA riichi tournament in "Siberia" zone. Like half year ago again seventy-two players from thirteen cities of Russia competed in the first ever three-day riichi tournament. Despite the fact that 40% of players were female players all top places have been occupied by males. The winner of this twelve-session event is Vladimir Zayakin, runner-up is Kirill Penkin, 3rd place is taken by Leonid Rogozin, all players are from Perm! The best female Elena Shalimova from Perm, chief organiser of the event, is at 12th position. As a side-event EMA riichi seminar took place prior to the tournament having brought 8 new EMA certified referees to the referees pool.

Winners at Perm Haru Shanten 2018. Sitting (left to right): Kirill Penkin (2nd), Vladimir Zayakin (1st), Leonid Rogozin (3rd). Standing (left to right): Elena Shalimova (12th, chief organiser), Dmitriy Mishakov (10th), Georgy Pavlov (9th), Yuriy Telegin (8th), Dmitriy Bukharinov (7th), Nikita Zhuchkov (5th), Vladislav Plyasunov (6th), Ilya Monakov (4th).


As in dozens of Russian riichi tournaments all scoring at Perm Haru Shanten 2018 was done via "Pantheon" system (developer Oleg Klimenko) -- no paper or tenbo sticks, login via mobiles or smartphones. 

The whole event was neatly organised by local riichi group. Since almost all the helpers could also serve as replacement players the tournament could be held with any number of players which is a big plus. Great advantage was to play at the hotel, in the evening bowling and billiards downstairs were at players' disposal. Nevertheless many players came to the nearest taproom to play friendly games including trying completely new rules: MCR and Sichuan.

Participants at Perm Haru Shanten 2018.


To carry out flawlessly such a major tournament was an almost impossible task. Nevertheless, the organizing team did an excellent job! Many thanks to Elena Shalimova and her team. Chief referee Dmitriy Vodilov and his helper Arthur Khanafin ensured all tournament procedures were of the highest standards.

Final Results of Perm Haru Shanten 2018, Perm, RERS 3.5

Place First N. Last N. City Nat Points
1 Vladimir Zayakin Perm RUS 177800
2 Kirill Penkin Perm RUS 138600
3 Leonid Rogozin Perm RUS 135700
4 Ilya Monakov Moscow RUS 130700
5 Nikita Zhuchkov Ufa RUS 128800
6 Vladislav Plyasunov Moscow RUS 117100
7 Dmitriy Bukharinov Perm RUS 113000
8 Yuriy Telegin Yekaterinburg RUS 111100
9 Georgy Pavlov Moscow RUS 107500
10 Dmitriy Mishakov Moscow RUS 99200
11 Sergey Petrushchenko Moscow RUS 93000
12 Elena Shalimova Perm RUS 86700
13 Vladimir Bogdanov Moscow RUS 86500
14 Vitaly Novikov Moscow RUS 82600
15 Artem Ilin Ufa RUS 79100
16 Ruslan Musyamov Tyumen RUS 71900
17 Daria Ilina Moscow RUS 69600
18 Dmitriy Volodin Moscow RUS 66400
19 Natalia Golikova Saint Petersburg RUS 65500
20 Lubov Mishakova Simferopol RUS 63200
21 Ksenia Saksonova Vologda RUS 55200
22 Kirill Polyakov Kirov RUS 53100
23 Olga Alekseeva Saint Petersburg RUS 36400
24 Denis Kolpakov Perm RUS 35000
25 Sergey Levin Tyumen RUS 34300
26 Liliya Muksinova Khanty-Mansiysk RUS 26100
27 Pavel Sorokin Saint Petersburg RUS 21700
28 Pavel Solyakov Perm RUS 21700
29 Ruslan Yerofeev Khanty-Mansiysk RUS 17300
30 Maksim Yudintsev Kirov RUS 16500
31 Ivan Kalinin Khanty-Mansiysk RUS 15000
32 Anton Galyshev Perm RUS 13400
33 Anna Shpilman Saint Petersburg RUS 5300
34 Dmitry Sirotkin Moscow RUS 3000
35 Oxana Vyshivannaya Moscow RUS 2400
36 Yulia Bykova Arkhangelsk RUS -3900
37 Sergey Gladyshev Perm RUS -7500
38 Ivan Zarezin Yekaterinburg RUS -8400
39 Alexandr Sednev Yekaterinburg RUS -11400
40 Vitaly Borzonogov Arkhangelsk RUS -22100
41 Oleg Kim Perm RUS -22500
42 Liudmila Gaynulina Moscow RUS -23000
43 Natalya Zhumabaeva Perm RUS -24800
44 Pavel Bogachev Moscow RUS -25000
45 Yana Kozlovskaya Perm RUS -25300
46 Alexey Tyurnin Perm RUS -28900
47 Alexandra Yants Perm RUS -35800
48 Nikita Ponosov Perm RUS -37300
49 Elena Pertseva Khanty-Mansiysk RUS -49700
50 Aigul Vagapova Ufa RUS -50100
51 Natalya Uskova Perm RUS -50800
52 Veronika Aksyonova Perm RUS -58600
53 Maria Bohan Yekaterinburg RUS -59400
54 Leon Nikolaev Moscow RUS -62400
55 Alexandr Bondarev Perm RUS -63000
56 Alexey Leontiev Moscow RUS -68100
57 Natalia Matrosova Yekaterinburg RUS -69600
58 Valeriya Shatrova Perm RUS -79300
59 Darya Lemyakina Perm RUS -79800
60 Anastasiya Stolbova Tyumen RUS -80900
61 Alexey Ermolaev Kirov RUS -82700
62 Nikolai Tolochnyi Saint Petersburg RUS -89100
63 Andrey Elshankin Ivanovo RUS -96400
64 Galina Kapger Perm RUS -97800
65 Svetlana Dementyeva Perm RUS -106500
66 Denis Lugannikov Moscow RUS -126100
67 Anna Yushina Arkhangelsk RUS -127100
68 Kseniya Gribanova Perm RUS -142900
69 Oleg Klimenko Saint Petersburg RUS -157900
70 Nataliya Sedneva Yekaterinburg RUS -163600
71 Aleksandr Zabelin Kazan RUS -164000
72 Substitut Player -- -- -360000



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