(left to right) Łukasz Grzybowsi (3rd), Dominik Hammerl (2nd), Birgitt Rupp (1st) and host Lena Weinguny (photo credit: Olga Igarashi)

VIENNA, Austria - Austrian Birgitt Rupp, the victress of the "Austrian Riichi Open 2017", wins the "Vienna Riichi Open 2018" (RERS) scoring 126,100. Fellow countryman Dominik Hammerl comes in second with 123,000 points and Łukasz Grzybowski from Upper Silesia (Poland) takes the third spot scoring 118,200 points.

Many view Vienna as the cultural, economic and political centre of Austria, where both residents and visitors can indulge their senses enjoying the finer things in life: theatre, opera, classical music and fine arts. But since the “World Riichi Championship 2017” the Austrian capital is better known as the home town of the European player who displayed a stellar performance beating the Japanese at their own game and securing a number eight spot: Lena Weinguny. For the “Vienna Riichi Open 2018” she and her fellow club members from ‘Kasu’ invited forty participants from Austria, Czechia, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and the Netherlands into their headquarters in the city centre for eight hanchan of exciting play following a round-robin format (four on Saturday, four on Sunday).

Flexible play

When asked how she managed to take first prize in two consecutive Austrian EMA tournaments Rupp willingly reveals her secret: "I was really lucky with my starting tiles and I tried to keep my hand concealed to declare riichi. So I was flexible with the tiles I drew and could change my waits. At first I was going for a fast finished hand and then an expensive hand. But sometimes I was too stubborn to get a certain hand and then I lost."

Tournament venue (first day)

Final results of the Vienna Riichi Open 2018 (RCR, RERS), Vienna

Place Name Nat. Points
1 Birgitt Rupp AUT 126100
2 Dominik Hammerl AUT 123000
3 Łukasz Grzybowski POL 118200
4 Yecheng Li AUT 116200
5 Daniel Gahler GER 115800
6 Olga Igarashi POL 74300
7 Roland Maier AUT 65900
8 Matej Labaš SVK 60500
9 Zoltan Dinyesi HUN 56500
10 Lena Weinguny AUT 50900
11 Janet Wissuwa GER 43900
12 Alexander Huber AUT 40600
13 Jenifer Krawarik AUT 32900
14 Tatsuya Igarashi POL 31800
15 Martin Meischel AUT 26300
16 Tanja Wankmüller AUT 23900
17 Lukas Gerhold AUT 16400
18 Peter Hamilton AUT 14300
19 Luc Debrun FRA 10600
20 Nicole Haasbroek NED 9800
21 Manuel Tomisser AUT 9100
22 Philip Edelmayer AUT 6500
23 Katarzyna Chabelska POL -2900
24 Theresa Göser GER -12700
25 Lukas Puschmann AUT -15700
26 Matthias Reich-Rohrwig AUT -17300
27 Tomasz Powęzka POL -23300
28 Roman Powęzka POL -25700
29 Krisztian Deak AUT -28000
30 Dan Sekigawa POL -34800
31 Radka Pernicova CZE -58000
32 Michael Dusleag AUT -69600
33 Matthias Hadolt AUT -87800
34 Martijn Klaar NED -91000
35 Juraj Jerguš SVK -99800
36 Vojtěch Trmal CZE -144300
37 SUBSTITUTE   -173200
38 Lukáš Bílek CZE -209700
39 SUBSTITUTE   -240000
40 SUBSTITUTE   -240000


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