Left to right: Pavel Sorokin (2nd), Eduard "Dragon" Polozov (winner), Vladislav Plyasunov (3rd).

TYUMEN, Russia - The third in "Siberia" zone of Russia RERS tournament took place in Tyumen gathering twenty players from six cities of Russia. This tournament concluded official EMA tournaments in 2017 both in MCR and riichi rules. The winner is Eduard "Dragon" Polozov from Tyumen (winner's nickname most probably comes from his last name which relates to the type of serpent), runner-up is Pavel Sorokin from Saint Petersburg, 3rd place goes to Vladislav Plyasunov from Moscow. All scoring was done via "Pantheon" system -- no paper or tenbo sticks, login via mobiles or smartphones.

Group photo, Tyumen Riichi Open 2017 (RERS 1).


Organizing team did an excellent job! Many thanks to Anastasiya Stolbova and Anatoliy Knyazhev from Tymen, Elena Shalimova from Perm who took care of all major and minor details.

Final Results of Tyumen Riichi Open 2017, RERS 1, Tyumen

Place First N. Last N. Nat Points
1 Eduard Polozov RUS 118900
2 Pavel Sorokin RUS 110100
3 Vladislav Plyasunov RUS 96200
4 Ivan Kalinin RUS 80300
5 Yana Kozlovskaya RUS 59600
6 Evgeniy Kornienko RUS 23400
7 Elena Shalimova RUS 10000
8 Pavel Miryasov RUS 9500
9 Leonid Rogozin RUS -2900
10 Sergey Levin RUS -5000
11 Natalya Uskova RUS -8300
12 Liudmila Gaynulina RUS -11700
13 Dmitriy Vodilov RUS -26200
14 Anastasiya Stolbova RUS -31600
15 Oleg Kim RUS -52900
16 Nikolay Gavrilov RUS -55900
17 Yana Keybalova RUS -84000
18 Nikita Azarapin RUS -188800
19 player Replacement -  
20 player Replacement -  


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