(left to right) Jeremia Kunnari (2nd), Konsta Lensu (1st), Henri Kumpulainen (3rd) (photo credit: Niko Nurro)

ESPOO, Finland - Konsta Lensu convincingly dominates his opponents at the "Finnish Riichi Mahjong Championship" (RERS1), scoring 228,700 points. Second place goes to Jeremia Kunnari with 163,300 points; third position to Henri Kumpulainen, scoring 125,900 points.

Over the course of two days, twenty-four Finnish contestants enjoyed eight hanchan. After the first day of play Henri Kumpulainen was in first position, but since he only gained 100 points on the second day, he dropped to the third position. Konsta Lensu was in second place on the first day, but managed to double his points on the second day, ensuring him a solid victory. And the title of "Finnish Riichi Mahjong Champion", which comes with an impressive throphy. Jeremia Kunnari, who was in third, scored roughly 70,000 points today, which got him into second place.

Skill and luck

The newly crowned Champion reflects on the mixture of skill and luck involved in winning this tournament: "I know I'm definitely one of the best players in the country, but this time I also had great luck. I began the tournament with 7 consecutive wins as dealer [...] That set the tone, and most games proceeded in similarly smooth fashion. I was utterly calm for almost the entire tournament. The only exception was the 5th hanchan where I went head-to-head with then-leader Henri and only won with a miracle comeback at the end."

Final Results of the Finnish Riichi Mahjong Championship 2017 (RCR, RERS1), Espoo

Place Name Nat. Points
1 Konsta Lensu FIN 228700
2 Jeremia Kunnari FIN 163300
3 Henri Kumpulainen FIN 125900
4  Sakari Helokunnas FIN 69300
5 Henri Vataja FIN 52400
6 Einari Lavaste FIN 41300
7 Hannaliina Paavoseppä FIN 36800
8 Juho Tuominen FIN 34800
9 Kirill Osipov FIN 25000
10 Mimmi Lehtonen FIN 24200
11 Janne Eskola FIN -5000
12 Henri Haapsamo FIN -6200
13 Mika Grönroos FIN -12700
14 Mikko Käyhkö FIN -17800
15 Anne-Mari Haapsamo FIN -21600
16 Mikko Aarni FIN -27700
17 Janne Hannikainen FIN -30100
18 Erika Jensen-Eriksen FIN -53000
19 Jouni Lehtinen FIN -62100
20 Tommi Ikonen FIN -83900
21 Ossi Hirvola FIN -119000
22 Niko Nurro FIN -120600
23 Vilhelmiina Viinikka FIN -141500
24 Meri Rajamäki FIN -180500


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