(left to right) Sven-Hendrik Gutsche (2nd), Mathieu Chambe (1st), Chaolei Chen (3rd) (Photo credit: Karolina Trepinska)

PUTEAUX, France - Mathieu Chambe, finalist at the "French Riichi Open 2017" last June, wins the "Tri Nitro Tournament 2017" (RERS1), scoring 93,000 points. Runner-up is Sven-Hendrik Gutsche with 90,300 points, and Chaolei Chen claims third place, scoring 81,900 points.

Even though it had been two years since 'French Reach Mahjong Team - Tri Nitro Tiles' organized a tournament, Olivier Cao and his fellow club members proved to be excellent hosts for this year's "5ème Détonation!". The crew, who instantaneously became world famous overnight by hosting the first edition of the "World Riichi Championship" in 2014 in their hometown Puteaux, welcomed twenty-three players from France (Île-de-France, Bordeaux, Cannes, Mulhouse, Lyon and Rennes) plus one Londoner to the suburbs of Paris to engage in four hanchan of intense play.

Concentration is crucial in riichi... on the left 'TNT' organizer Olivier Cao (Photo credit: Karolina Trepinska)

Final Results of the Tri Nitro Tournament 2017 (RCR, RERS1), Puteaux

Place Name Nat. Points
1 Mathieu Chambe FRA 93000
2 Sven-Hendrik Gutsche FRA 90300
3 Chaolei Chen FRA 81900
4 Philippe Chen FRA 58100
5 Zeyu Sun FRA 44900
6 Jérémie Pierard de Maujouy FRA 44100
7 Ryo Fukaura GBR 26400
8 Frédéric Gruel FRA 16300
9 Olivier Cao FRA 11900
10 Antoine Rossard FRA 200
11 Alexis Petitjean FRA -1700
12 Sandra Berthommier FRA -10100
13 Nehuen Penaloza FRA -12500
14 Sérgio Matos Lima FRA -13500
15 Manuel Tertre FRA -16800
16 Julien Fouques FRA -23200
17 Antony Ea FRA -25600
18 Karolina Trepinska FRA -27300
19 Nicolas Campina FRA -31900
20 Didier Donnat FRA -34400
21 Bryan Manchez FRA -45600
22 Simon Filhol FRA -64600
23 David Maison FRA -68000
24 Sylvie Valgones FRA -131900


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