Pablo Figoni (Argentina) with his first place prize.

SANTIAGO, Chile - Pablo Figoni of Argentina takes first place in the inaugural South American Riichi Mahjong Championship with 40.9 points, followed by Felipe Rojas of Chile with 32.9 points in second, Cristobal Nuñez of Chile with 16.3 point in third, with Matias Alloati of Argentina finishing out the final table in fourth with 9.9 points.

This tournament marks the first of its kind in South America, and heralds in the birth of competitive riichi mahjong within this Western continent. The Mahjong International League has promised sponsorship to the winner of the SARC to attend the World Riichi Championship to be held in early October in Las Vegas, Nevada. Pablo Figoni has earned this award, which gets him on his way toward representing his country at that prestigious competition.


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