Winner Maurizio Bagnoli's stare of death.

BOLOGNA, Italy - After four hanchans Maurizio Bagnoli came out victorious at the "Tanuki Tournament" (non RERS), scoring 60,600 points. Runner up was Alan Coli with 56,500 and by the skin of his teeth Paolo Silverstri claimed third prize with 41,300 points.

With all the media coverage of Italian MCR players seizing prizes left and right all over Europe, one might assume the Italians only play MCR. Fortunately that's not the case: Bologna based 'Tanuki Riichi Mahjong Club' demonstrates the Japanese style is very much appreciated in Southern Europe!

The five passionate members of club 'Tanuki', which has a Japanese raccoon for a mascot, have been organizing small tournaments (both in real life and online via Tenhou) and promoting the game of riichi for quite some time, but have only been an official club since the beginning of March. And it's been just over a month since they got associated with the 'Federazione Italiana Mah Jong'.

Now they're stepping into the limelight by hosting the "Tanuki Tournament", the first official riichi tournament on Italian soil, in which twenty players participated, all from Italy. Even though it was not an EMA certified event and there were no genuine riichi mahjong sets (players used chuncky MCR sets), it is, however, the start of a new era for Italian riichi lovers, with upcoming tournaments in June (RERS-1) and October (RERS-2) of this year.

In the words of Ivan Coli, vice-president of 'Tanuki': "It's been a good first experience for everyone, both players and organisers". "In conclusion: any time we can organize a tournament, we will certainly do it." And to stimulate riichi players even more 'Tanuki' is considering giving out riichi sets as prizes at future tournaments!

More information on 'Tanuki' and its endeavours can be found on the club's Facebook page.

Italians playing riichi mahjong!

Final Results of the Tanuka Tournament (Riichi, Non RERS), Bologna 

Place Name Points
1 Maurizio Bagnoli 60600
2 Alan Coli 56500
3 Paoli Silverstri 41300
4 Carla Morbidelli 41200
5 Marco Lorenzi 31600
6 Ombretta Tassinari 25300
7 Sara Giannetti 17200
8 Ivan Coli 16800
9 Filippo Menicucci 12900
10 Elena Savini 11700
11 Luca Crivaro 11000
12 Marco Bazzocchi 3500
13 Benedetta Tesi 900
14 Davide Mastrullo -17200
15 Marco Talamonti -21800
16 Massimo Crivaro -24400
17 Francesca Battaglini -35100
18 Luca Gavelli -58500
19 Miria Martelli -73100
20 Alberto Rosi -100400


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