Michal Marko (2nd), Joël Ratsimandresy (1st), and Lena Weinguny (3rd).

GRAZ, Austria - Joël Ratsimandresy easily carried away the trophy from the Graz Riichi Tournament (RERS1) with 254,000 points, followed in a distant 2nd place by Michal Marko with 93,300, and Lena Weinguny with 76,400 in 3rd.

Alexander and Tanja Wankmüller of the Graz Riichi Mahjong Club 'Ryan Pin' ('2 Dots') hosted for the sixth time the "Graz Open Riichi Tournament" (RERS-1). Over two days and eight hanchans (sessions) twenty-eight participants from six countries battled it out at the University of Technology.
Frenchman Joël Ratsimandresy was unstoppable from the very start. Not only did he manage to secure 'Kokushi Musou' ('Thirteen Orphans' - yakuman) on the first day of the tournament, but he also won his table seven times in a row. Only in the final hanchan he suffered a slight setback, coming in third.

Also worth mentioning is the uncommon yakuman 'Shou Suushi' ('Little Four Winds') made by Austrian player Birgitt Rupp  and the staggering number of three chombos during this tournament!

To no one's surprise Joël Ratsimandresy took home the gold, Slovak Michal Marko the silver and, like the previous edition, Austrian player Lena Weinguny claimed the bronze.

Joël Ratsimandresy built a formidable wall of points.

Final Results 2017 Graz Tournament (Riichi, RERS1), Graz

Place First Last Points
1 Joël Ratsimandresy 254,000
2 Marco Michal 93,300
3 Lena Weinguny 76,400
4 Lukas Gerhold 73,200
5 Alexander Doppelhofer 52,500
6 Henrik Leth 43,300
7  Juraj Jergus 32,900
8 Marco Kretschmer 30,700
9 Michael Duslaeg 28,900
10 Birgitt Rupp 26,200
11 Josua Bächle 26,000
12 Matej Labas 25,600
13 Matthias Hadolt 24,2000
14 Dominik Hammerl 20,900
15 Tomas Siron 16,400
16 Michael Steininger -11,300
17 Martin Meischel -16,400
18 Daniel Gahler -24,700
19 Daniel Siron -28,100
20 Timur Hahn -45,100
21 Manuel Tomisser -46,400
22 Roland Maier -63,500
23 Verena Berg -73,100
24 Tanja Wankmüller -89,100
25 Lukasz Grzybowski -108,700
26 Katarzyna Chabelska -112,100
27 Juraj Moza -125,000
28 Philipp Toncar -141000



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