(left to right) Winner Juraj Móza, Bartosz Żuk, Mateusz Woźniak

KATOWICE, Poland - Juraj Móza wins the first "Upper Silesian Riichi Mahjong Championships" (no RERS), scoring 131,000 points. Bartosz Żuk finishes in second position with 117,900 points, and third place goes to Mateusz Woźniak with 108,700 points.

(left to right) Nikita Tkachenko (2nd), Liudmila Gainulina (1st), Vladislav Plyasunov (3rd)

MOSCOW, The Russian Federation - Seemingly effortlessly, Liudmila Gainulina won the first "Moscow Open Riichi Marathon" (No RERS), with 323,900 points. Runner-up is Nikita Tkachenko with 232,700 points, and in third position Vladislav Plyasunov with 224,800 points.

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Zeyu Sun is laureated as the winner of the French Riichi Open 2017.

MARSEILLE, France - Zeyu 'Mister Riichi' Sun is the winner of the "French Riichi Open 2017". Being the highest scoring Frenchman this accomplishment also grants him the title of "French Riichi Champion" for one year. Runner-up is Ondrej Bellay from Slovakia; Frenchman Mathieu Chambe ended in third position. In total thirty-two participants from seven countries competed in nine hanchan during two days of thrilling play.

(left to right) Marco Montebelli 2nd; Marco Bazzocchi 1st; Alan Coli 3rd

BOLOGNA, Italy - Marco Bazzocchi has won the "Bologna Riichi Open", the first Italian EMA riichi tournament (RERS1), scoring 55,100 points. Runner up was Marco Montebelli with 46,600 points and in third position was Alan Coli with 26,100 points.

Start of the French Riichi Open. Photo Nicole Haasbroek

MARSEILLE, France - French player Zeyu Sun is in the lead after the first seven hanchan of the French Riichi Open. The competition will be concluded today with the two final rounds, hanchan 8 and 9. The final two tables will be streamed live.