(from left) Club president Yannick Bétemps, Jérémie Pierard de Maujouy (3rd), Maati Raissi (1st), Sandra Berthommier (2nd) (photo credit: Karolina Trepinska)

LYON, France - An all French podium at the "Lyon Riichi Open 2018" (RERS): Maati Raisi, who picked up riichi mahjong only six months ago, convincingly takes first place scoring 102,400 points. Runner-up is Sandra Berthommier with 88,600 points and Jérémie Pierard de Maujouy secures the third spot scoring 87,800 points.

(from left) Nick Dyer (2nd), Paola Bungaro (1st), Sergey Petrushchenko (3rd) (photo credit: Ana Pérez)

VALENCIA, Spain - Forty-eight players from fourteen countries flocked to the city of Valencia to compete in the first "Spanish Riichi Open" (RERS). After eight round-robin hanchan Paola Bungaro representing the United Kingdom takes first prize scoring 147,300 points, followed by fellow countryman Nick Dyer with 132,600 points, while Russian player Sergey Petrushchenko trails in third scoring 113,900 points.

(from left) Philipp Martin (3rd), Marcus Völker (1st), Ilya Monakov (2nd), Matthias Trinkle (photo credit: Ratka Pernicova)

PRAGUE, Czech Republic - Similar to "Perm2018" and "Tribuswinkel2017" organizer Ratka Pernicova and her team from Prague hosted a three-day event to determine the victor of the "Prague Riichi Championship 2018" (RERS). During eleven hanchan German player Marcus Völker wielded his superiority allowing only twice an adversary to top the interim ranking. Russian Ilya Monakov secures the second place, while Philipp Martin from Germany takes third.

(from left): Pavel Bogachev (organizer), Mikhail Lugovkin (2nd), Alexey Leontiev (1rd), Leon Nikolaev (3rd), Daria Ilina (organizer) (photo credit: Azamat Kalchaev)

MOSCOW, Russia - The "Moscow Riichi Open 2018" (Riichi, no RERS) became the first Russian tournament that followed the WRC ruleset, the official ruleset of the World Riichi Championship [After this event was denied EMA accreditation, it was decided the tournament would follow WRC rules, ed]. The tournament was held 18-19 of August at «Shans Boku» bookstore, the place where Tesuji, the oldest riichi-club in Moscow and the organizer of the tournament, holds their weekly meetings.

Winner Amauri Murai showing off his trophy (photo credit: Alloatti/Fogel)

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina - Amauri Filipe Murai Sanches from Brazil claimed first spot scoring 36.9 points in the second edition of the "Campeonato Sudamericano de Mahjong Riichi" ("South American Riichi Championship") which took place June 2-3. Second place went to Francis San Emeterio from hosting country Argentina with 30.8 points. In third position followed his fellow countryman Nicolas Isaac "Guile" Montenegro scoring 5.0 points and in fourth trailed Canadian player Michael Ha with -72.7 points.