(from left:) José Moreno Merino, Héctor Escaso Gil (1st), Raúl Rios Navarro (2nd) (photo credit: Ivan Maestre Ros)

MURCIA, Spain - Last weekend 2 and 3 June 2018, the tournament MCR "Los 13 Huérfanos Open 2018" was celebrated in Murcia, Spain. This tournament is part of EMA Mahjong Ranking System. The winner has been Héctor Escaso Gil (SPA), followed in second place by Raúl Ríos Navarro (SPA) and in the third position, José Moreno Merino (SPA).

There has also been a special trophy for the tournament's higher score hand that Héctor Escaso Gil received for a hand composed by 13 Orphans with fully concealed hand and last tile. Besides, a trophy has been awarded to the best player from "Los 13 Huérfanos Mahjong Club" that went to the hands of José Moreno Merino. He is one of oldest players of our club, who started his career twelve years ago. Finally, Ernesto Vega de la Iglesia (SPA), the player that has made more Chicken Hand along the tournament (he made three) has been awarded too. All the players were from Spain. They came from clubs from Madrid, Valencia, Alicante and Granada and also local players from Murcia. This little tournament has going by a very amusing and friendly ambience.

Group photo participants (photo credit: Ivan Maestre Ros)

Final Results of the Los 13 Huérfanos Open 2018 (MCR, MERS), Murcia

Rank   Surname Nat TP MP
1 Héctor Escaso Gil SPA 18 859
2 Raúl Ríos Navarro SPA 17 218
3 José Moreno Merino SPA 13 217
4 Samuel Túnez Heredia SPA 13 130
5 Ernesto Vega de la Iglesia Soria SPA 13 121
6 Domingo García García SPA 11 241
7 Katia Túnez Heredia SPA 11 192
8 Pilar Castellano Rivas SPA 11 73
9 Esther García Benito SPA 11 -80
10 Marcos San Antonio Serrano SPA 10 -217
11 Alejandro Martínez Fernández SPA 9 -49
12 Iván Maestre Ros SPA 8 -18
13 Edgar Rubio Rodilla SPA 8 -88
14 Carmen Valbuena Medina SPA 6 -281
15 Johann Bernal Naranjo SPA 6 -570
16 Mario Ballester Caracena SPA 3 -748


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