(from left) Magdolna Bogárné Nagy (2nd), Zsolt Nyulasi (1st), Eti Palczer-Aschenbrenner (3rd) (photo credit: Klára Takácsné Löwinger)

DUNAÚJVÁROS - Hungary - After four sessions in Zsolt Nyulasi wins the "Red Dragon Tournament 2018" aka "Dunaújváros Open 2018" (MERS) scoring 14 table points and 495 mini-points. Runner-up is Magdolna Bogárné Nagy with 14 table points and 430 mini-points, followed by Eti Palczer-Aschenbrenner, who scores 13 table points and 671 mini-points.

Organizer and second runner-up Palczer-Aschenbrenner: "It was a very small and familiar event with sixteen players from two countries (Poland and Hungary). Both veteran and novice tournament players started the prizes and cups on the one-day tournament." Best known for its steelworks, which is the largest in the country, Dunaújváros ("New City on the Danube") in Central Hungary couldn't attract the large crowd Palczer-Aschenbrenner was hoping for, even though the EMA certification requirement of six-teen players was met.

Decline number of players

With a heavy heart Magyar Mah-jong Szövetség's Ildikó Hargitai notices a decline in the number of active MCR players in Hungary and Austria: "It would be great to have a bit more attention again." Next on the Hungarian mahjong calender is the "Hungarian Open 2018" on 1st-2nd September in Budapest as part of the Sisi Cup, the annual joint venture with the Austrian Mahjong Association. Hargitai appeals to all MCR players to sign up for this event: "We have a long history of it, and it's always professional and friendly at the same time."

Final Results of the Red Dragon Tournament 2018 (MCR), Dunaújváros

Rank First Name Surname Nat TP MP
1 Zsolt Nyulasi HUN 14 495
2 Magdolna Bogárné Nagy  HUN 14 430
3 Eti  Palczer-Aschenbrenner  HUN 13 671
4 Ilona Fórizs HUN 12 372
5 Zsolt Palczer HUN 11 264
6 Jánosné Mátrai HUN 7 115
7 Dávid Elek HUN 7 -9
8 Eszter Várnai HUN 7 -131
9 Klára Takácsné Lőwinger HUN 7 -265
10 Márta Rózsa Beri HUN 6 61
11 Katarzyna Chabelska POL 4 -85
12 Károly Sprecher HUN 3 -218
13 Éva Kalmár HUN 3 -469
14 Szilvia Szepesvári HUN 2 -264
15 Ágnes Ferenczi HUN 2 -493
16 Ferenc Vladár HUN 1 -504


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