Leni Janssen (1st), Raúl Ríos Navarro (2nd), and José Moreno Merino (3rd) display their awards.

MURCIA - The “Los 13 Huérfanos” Annual MCR Tournament (no MERS) was celebrated in Murcia city, Spain, on the 18th of March 2017. The winner of the tournament was Leni Janssen (Netherlands).  In second place was classified Raúl Ríos Navarro (Spain) and the third place went to José Moreno Merino (Spain).

Grinding out fans from bones in Murcia.

There also was a special trophy to the best hand of tournament which was received by Domingo García García (Spain)  who made Big Three Winds with All Terminals and Honors.

The name “Los 13 Huérfanos” refers to the mahjong players club which was founded in Murcia more than ten years ago.

All day passed in a spirit of friendship and cheerfulness.  It was much enjoyed by all.

Participants included players from the Netherlands, Chris and Leni Janssen, and players from Valencia and Madrid, along with local players from Murcia.

Final Results of the Los 13 Huérfanos Tournament (MCR, no MERS), Murcia

Place First Name Last Name Nat. TP MP
1 Leni Janssen NED 12 247
2 Raúl Ríos Navarro SPA 11 394
3 José Moreno Merino SPA 11 272
4 Chris Janssen NED 10 1
5 Iván Maestre Ros SPA 9 249
6 Marcos San Antonio Serrano SPA 9 160
7 Samuel Túnez Heredia SPA 8 177
8 Marimar Túnez Pérez SPA 7 53
9 Virginia Polonio Baeyens SPA 7 45
10 Domingo García García SPA 7 -98
11 Carmen Valbuena Medina SPA 6 -99
12 Alejandro Martínez Fernández SPA 4 -158
13 Inma Cuevas Tortosa SPA 4 -186
14 Diana Fuentes Carreño SPA 4 -227
15 Mario Ballester Caracena SPA 2 -413
16 Johann Bernal Naranjo SPA 1 -417


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