(from left) Martin Scheichenbauer (2rd), Qian Vollmann (1st), Marco Montebelli (3rd) (photo credit: Otto Myslivec)

GURK, Austria - Qian Vollmann-Gao successfully defends the honor of hosting country Austria in the "Carinthian Open 2018" (MERS) by scoring 22 table points and 707 mini-points thus winning the first part of the annual "Gourmet Cup". Runner-up Martin Scheichenbauer trails with 19 table points and 616 mini-points, while Marco Montebelli scores an equal amount of table points but one mini-point less.

(left to right) Freddy Christiansen (2nd), Shi Hua Chen (1st), Henrik Leth (3rd) (photo source: Facebook Mahjong Danmark)

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - Shi Hua Chen wins the "MCR Copenhagen Open" (MERS), scoring 13 table points and 402 mini-points. Second place goes to Freddy Christiansen with 11 table points and 449 mini-points; Henrik Leth takes third position scoring 11 table points and 254 mini-points.

(left to right) Pauline van der Linden (2nd), Marieke Verheyden (1st), Leni Janssen (3rd) (photo credit: Joke Maes)

TEMSE, Belgium - One month after sealing third place at the Dutch "Valentine Tournament 2018" Belgian player Marieke Verheyden wins the tenth edition of the "Little 3 Dragons Tournament" aka the "MCR Belgian Open 2018" (MERS), scoring 13 table points and 371 mini-points. Runner-up is Dutch Pauline van der Linden with 12 table points and 414 mini-points, followed by her fellow countrywoman Leni Janssen who scored an equal amount of table points and 298 mini-points.

(left to right) Annabel di Domenico (2nd), Jili Pfeiffer (1st), Vincent You-Seen (3rd) (photo credit: Iván Maestre)

VALENCIA, Spain - The French dominate the ranking in the "Valencia MCR Tournament" (MERS): Jili Pfeiffer effectively wipes out the competition scoring 22 table points and 1120 mini-points, followed by Annabel di Domenico with 19 table points and 498 mini-points. Vincent You-Seen scores 18 table points and 665 mini-points claiming third place.

Denis Lugannikov, "feeling fantastic" at the award ceremony. (photo credit: Denis Lugannikov)

SINGAPORE, Singapore - Russian Denis Lugannikov wins the inaugural "Nanyang Modern Mahjong Mindsport Tournament" (MCR), scoring 25 table points and the staggering number of 1554 mini-points. Runner-up is Singaporean player Ow Zhong Ming with 23 table points and 520 mini-points, and Cédric Aguerre from France finishes in third position, with 22 table points and 273 mini-points.