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Rui Machado Wins 9th Spanish Open

Rui Machado: thumbs up for a great hand!

MADRID -  Rui Machado from Portugal wins the 9th Spanish Open Mahjong Championship (MERS2) with 21 table points, followed by Cédric Aguerre with 20 and 800 mini-points, and Francesca Battaglini also with 20 table points but only 711 mini-points. It was the first tournament victory of the organizer of the OEMC 2017, and even the first victory of a Portuguese player in the history of organized mahjong in Europe.

Riichi Rookie Loes Heerze Happy and Glorious

Loes Heerze is happy with her well-deserved prize.

ROTTERDAM, the Netherlands - After four hanchan Loes Heerze wins the "Tsumo! Tournament" (non-RERS) scoring 106,400 points, John Kuijpers is runner-up with 103,500 points, and Nicole Haasbroek manages to secure the third spot with 96,800 points.

MCR Russian Open 2017 Goes to Vologda

Anna Dashkova, winner of the MCR Russian Open 2017 and organizer Aleksandr Babushkin. 

SAINT PETERSBURG, Russia - Anna Dashkova from Vologda has been unbeaten in the MCR Russian Open 2017 (MERS 2) which took place last weekend in Saint Petersburg. Forty-eight players from nine cities of Russia competed at fully automated tables (!) in this two-day 8-sessions event. This Russian championship has been neatly organized with the help of a Chinese counterpart: the Chinese-Russian Association for Development and Communication at the territory of Russian-Chinese Business Park.

Mathieu Chambe Takes Puteaux

(left to right) Sven-Hendrik Gutsche (2nd), Mathieu Chambe (1st), Chaolei Chen (3rd) (Photo credit: Karolina Trepinska)

PUTEAUX, France - Mathieu Chambe, finalist at the "French Riichi Open 2017" last June, wins the "Tri Nitro Tournament 2017" (RERS1), scoring 93,000 points. Runner-up is Sven-Hendrik Gutsche with 90,300 points, and Chaolei Chen claims third place, scoring 81,900 points.

Newcomer Krisztian Deak Dominates Vienna Open

(left to right) Alexander Doppelhofer (3rd), Kristzian Deak (1st), Matthias Reich-Rohrwig (3rd) (Photo credit: Roman Ollinger)

VIENNA, Austria - An all Austrian podium at the "Vienna Open Riichi Tournament 2017" (RERS1). Newcomer Krisztian Deak, who dominated the ranking on the first day, takes home the gold scoring 169,800 points. Runner-up is Matthias Reich-Rohrwig, with 151,800 points and in third place comes Alexander Doppelhofer with 91,000 points. Both Reich-Rohrwig and Doppelhofer displayed excellent performances on the second day, which catapulted them into the top-3. 

Taka Teshima Again Victorious in Copenhagen

(left to right) Sheila Hansen (2nd), Taka Teshima (1st), Isabel Steenholm (3rd) (Photo credit: Tina Christensen)

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - The top-3 of the "Riichi Open Danish Championship 2017" (RERS2) looks very similar to the one of the 2016 edition. Last year's winner Taka Teshima is again victorious, scoring 132,800 points. Second place goes to Sheila Hansen with 127,300 points, and the runner-up of the previous edition, Isabel Steenholm, claims third position with 121,300 points.

Yvonne van der Heide Victorious at Nine Gates Tournament

(left to right) José Hoogland (2nd), radiant Yvonne van der Heide (1st), Wenda Vanderbist (3rd) (Photo credit: Dutch Mahjong Association)

IJSSELSTEIN, The Netherlands - Dutch Yvonne van der Heide rightfully wins the "Nine Gates Tournament" (MERS1), scoring 14 table points. Runner up is her fellow club member José Hoogland with an equal amount of table points, but less mini points. Due to her excellent result in the last session, Belgium player Wenda Vanderbist claims third position, scoring 13 table points. Dutch player Bert Claessen, who won the previous four editions, ends on a modest 28th place. 

Francesco Martini Wins San Gimignano, Elena Savini Wins Vino Veritas

Francesco Martini with his 1st Place basket, Stefania Gori with her 2nd Place, and Francesca Battaglini's 3rd.

SAN GIMIGNANO, Italy - First place in this fifth iteration of the San Gimignano tournament goes to Francesco Martini with 24 table points, second Stefania Gori with 22 table and 858 mini-points, and third Francesca Battaglini also with 22 table points but only 513 mini-points. The combined "In Vino Veritas", including this San Gimignano together with the Villejuif tournament, was won by Elena Savini who scored 26 points here and 18 in the Italian competition for a total of 44 table points. Second went to Cyrille Rak with 43, and third to Francesca Battaglini with 42.

Olga Proskuryakova Prevails At Bratislava Open

(left to right) Organizer/referee Daniel Široň, Olga Proskuryakova (1st), Łukasz Grzybowski (2nd), Zoltan Dinyesi (3rd), Dominik Hammerl (4th)

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia - After two days of play and eight hanchan Russian player Olga Proskuryakova wins the "Riichi Open Bratislava 2017" (RERS2) with 154,000 points. Łukasz Grzybowski, from Upper Silesia, takes second place with 103,800 points. Hungarian Zoltan Dinyesi, who was awarded a prize for 'Best Hanchan', snatches up third place scoring 89,300 points, while Austrian player Dominik Hammerl claims fourth position with 87,800 points.

Mister & Miss Riichi Gets Second Iteration

The winners of the first edition: French Zeyu Sun and Dutch Nicole Haasbroek

PARIS, France - Last March French Anthony Ea aka 'Mister Miaou Miaou' of Paris based MCR mahjong club 'Magic Mahjong Social Pung' organized a two-day riichi event, called "Mister & Miss Riichi". Even though it wasn't an EMA certified tournament, twenty-five French and three Dutch players visited the capital of France to enjoy nine (!) hanchan in Club Adélie. A super friendly atmosphere, relaxed yet competitive play, nice food and drinks, and an excellent host: it was a great tournament.


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