Mrs. Gemma Sakamoto showing off the brand new book.

TOKYO, Japan - JPML player Mrs. Jenn Barr has shared information is releasing a new book. "The Riichi Mahjong Pro-spective", published by Reach Spirits Inc., will be available on Kindle next week, however, participants of the upcoming "World Riichi Championship" will have the opportunity to purchase a hardcopy at the tournament venue.

Argentinian pro riichi mahjong player Nicolas Giaconia

KOBE-SHI, Japan - While professional Japanese players write numerous books and articles on strategy, due to the language barrier these sources are only accessible to people who have a firm grasp on the Japanese language. This huge advantage causes a rift in development and the level of play, not only between the East and the West, but also between Western players.

Cover of the book

NEW YORK, New York - Mahjong collectors Gregg Swain and Susan West have teamed up with Woody Swain, a graphic designer (and Gregg’s husband), to produce the first-ever guide to Western vintage plastic Mahjong sets. Every day, very costly mistakes are made by buyers and sellers who have no idea of a set’s value. This e-guide will change all that.

MOSCOW, Russia -- At the end of April, the first ever book on MCR mahjong in Russian has been published in Moscow. The author of the book "Handbook on Mahjong Competition Rules. Beginner’s Guide" is Vitaly Novikov, the same author as of the recently held Sherlock Holmes Mahjong Mysteries Contest hosted on Mahjong News.


Cover of ‘Mahjong from A to Zhú’

‘Mahjong from A to Zhú’ is the effort of Texan scientist Scott Miller to describe all variants of mahjong, and even more. About Dealer Burning and Full Monty mahjong.