Logos of Russian riichi clubs
Emblems of Russian riichi clubs

Mahjong News analyst Vitaly Novikov is contemplating about the riichi development in Russia and Europe.

I’m specifically referring to the scoring situation called 搶槓, which, at one time, used to be commonly translated to ‘scratching the kong’, but somewhere along the line it came to be most commonly referered to in English as ‘Robbing the Kong’. What kong? How can you rob something that isn't there?

When jammin’ to a mahjong tune, and singing about its strategy and wait analysis, the hot riffs are all about octaves, man. But what instrument do you play those octaves on?

Getting something for nothing.

AMARILLO, Texas - Who says you can't get something for nothing? On a week when there are no tournaments taking place, and no announcements to proclaim, it would seem there is no story to write about for Mahjong News - and that's something to write about. Mahjong News explores how having nothing is something; the history behind this strange scoring anomoly in riichi mahjong called the open pinfu hand.

Much discussion about a new seating system for mahjong tournaments, where you meet with players of the same strength. Visitors of Mahjong News say ‘no’ to it. Editor Martin Rep is quite confused.

To many Chinese, a funeral can be a celebration, when the dearly beloved has had a long and happy life. Playing mahjong, on these occasions, is not a rare event. This sometimes can lead to remarkable encounters, as described by Luo Wangshu.

Swimming mahjong tiles.

A burning question: how to clean your lovely mahjong set? Listen to the wise advice of Martin Rep.  ' If you don’t like it, though, just ask your grandchild to do it for you - she will love it.'