The Aachen Riichi Open 2016.

AACHEN, Germany - Last year he ended as the runner-up; today, with a large margin, French player Joe-Calberson Huynh won the Aachen Riichi Tournament. He was followed by two German players: Matthias Köhler in second position and Peter Beese as third.

The 28 participating players consisted of sixteen German, six Dutch and six French players, meaning that nearly half of the players came from outside Germany. Quite a lot of players from last year visited the tournament again, but there were also new visitors – some even for their first mahjong tournament.
Alongside the Great Scholars 2016 tournament, the Aachen tournament is the first riichi tournament using the revised EMA rules. This didn't seem to be problem during the course of the games, and the relaxed chombo rules resulted in less chombos than last year. Of the four chombos, two on each day, Felix Rath was unlucky to receive two of them during the first day, and even in the same hanchan. The defending champion of last year, Felix Rath, couldn't recover from a bad start and finished last.
At the end of the first day Joe-Calberson Huynh was closely behind Matthias Köhler, both scoring first place on all five tables except one. Only Joe continued his streak with three more wins on the second day, finishing first with a solid lead.

Peter Beese, Joe-Calberson Huynh, Matthias Köhler.

Final Results of the Aachen Riichi Open 2016 (Riichi, MERS 1), Aachen

Place First N Last N Nat Points
1 Joe-Calberson Huynh FRA 220400
2 Matthias Köhler GER 129600
3 Peter Beese GER 88200
4 Axel Eschenburg GER 78900
5 Marcus Völker GER 56700
6 Simon Naarmann GER 51500
7 Lasse Grimmelt GER 46300
8 Ans Hoogland NDL 40300
9 Antoine Rossard FRA 27600
10 Julia Killisch GER 21300
11 Zeyu Sun FRA 21200
12 Pia Ledwig GER 15000
13 Stefanie Kammer GER 10500
14 Marco Rappe GER 5400
15 Markus Kruse GER -8100
16 Jessica Henry FRA -12400
17 Cor Hoogland NDL -12900
18 Martin Rep NDL -13700
19 Olivier Cao FRA -25000
20 Ilka Stummeyer GER -26600
21 Julian Pape-Lange GER -36300
22 Marianne Croeze NDL -43700
23 Robert Bodde NDL -44700
24 Maxim Jourenko GER -77300
25 Julien Fouques GER -94200
26 Bertolt Huynh GER -120400
27 Jaap Croeze NDL -157600
28 Felix Rath GER -220000




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