TOKYO, Japan - As an experiment to test the potential English speaking audience, MONDO TV of Japan has brought together Ryan Morris and Benjamin Boas to offer the first-ever English commentary of the 10th Mondo Women’s Championship.

Two cities.

AMARILLO, Texas - The year 2017 is shaping up to a historic year of international competition, as two major global events are set to play out in this event-packed year. The 6th iteration of the Open European Mahjong Championship takes place in the Portuguese city of Povoa de Varzim May 26th-28th, and later in the year the 2nd installment of the World Riichi Championship takes place in the American city of Las Vegas October 4th-8th.

Playing with giant tiles.
Playing with giant tiles.

CHENGDU China - From the moment you sit down at a mahjong table set up to play Sichuan's trademark style bloody mahjong, you know you are in for a different experience. Also to be experienced is climbing the Taoist epicenter, Mount Qingcheng.

TOKYO, Japan - The first television commercial teaser for the live-action adaptation of the infamous Saki mahjong anime has been released, no doubt delighting fans, and probably causing the eyes to roll inside the heads of it adversaries.

MIL certifies riichi and bloody mahjong.

CHENGDU, China - During the November 5th meeting of the Mahjong International League in Chengdu, China, the organization officially voted to accept and recognize riichi mahjong as a world competitive game. Also during the same meeting, the Sichuan style of mahjong known as bloody mahjong was officially recognized as a local-rules competitive game. These, and other steps by the MIL, continue the sportification of the mahjong.