Sunday 26 April 2015

Cyrille Rak Cracks the Case as the 2015 Sherlock Holmes of Mahjong!


LONDON 17 April 2015 - It was an unsolved mystery that evaded a verdict for ten challenging weeks, while twenty-eight detectives were hot on the trail of clues. In the end, it was elementary, my dear readers. Cyrille Rak solved the most puzzles in the shortest amount of time, awarding him 1st place as the 2015 Sherlock Holmes of Mahjong, followed by Konsta Lensu and Sylvain Malbec.

Congratulations also to Vitaly Novikov, author of the riddles and coordinator of the contest, for his most successful season of mysteries to date, and for a contest excellently done.

A special thanks also to for their generous support of Mahjong News and for the donation of prizes for the top three contestants.



‘You will see me back. I like to travel’

All About Alla - Day 3

“I had dreamed about a position in the top-twenty, but that dream did not come true. Today, I won just 2 table points.

“In the first morning session, I had many ready hands. One time I was already waiting after three discards, and I really wanted to draw the winning tile myself because of the high pay-out. Anton [Kösters] discarded the tile I needed, but I let it go. But after that, Anton picks the winning tile from the wall…”

Anton, sitting next to her as we have our little interview, nods. “In that session, I had six self-picks”, he acknowledges.

Alla: “He picked almost all of them, and he never threw me a nice tile…

“In the second session today I played against a Chinese, a German and a French player. It was me against the Chinese all the time: I win, she wins; I win, she wins. With just 10 minutes to go, the difference between is was just 8 points. Then she discarded the winning tile, but this time not to me, but to the French. Eventually, the difference between us was just 5 points.”

And now, the WMC2010 is over. What was your greatest experience?

“I was very lucky, and I did pretty well. I think the greatest thing was that I had a chance to play against so many strong players. At home in Saint Petersburg, in our company there are not so many who play MCR.”

Will we see you at other international championships?

“If I can qualify for the OEMC 2011 in Venice - absolutely.”

Or other national championships, perhaps?

“I am not planning to go to Berlin this autumn. But maybe I will go to the Italian championship in Milan. I like to travel and to see beautiful cities.”


In the final classification of the WMC, Alla Danilevskaya ended on position 45, with 20 table points and 414 mini-points.

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