Monday 29 December 2014

Happy New Year from Mahjong News!   


MAHJONG NEWS - Happy New Year! May the tiles rise to greet you, the winds of mahjong always blow at your back, the dragons always shine in your hand, the fan always sprinkle your score, and until we meet again, may you hold the dice in the palm of your hand. =)

Fair representation or...

Hi, I was wondering if there were any discussions related to how and how many players will be allowed to participate. Obviously, it's too soon to know the exact venue (and exact number of players), but would quotas be attributed flatly across all countries (two exceptions for pan-Europe and Japan) or would they be bloated in proportion to EMA country membership? Also, will there be some kind of qualification requirement, and what shape would it have... for Europeans, Japanese and Canadians (for example)
This is a comment on "WC Riichi possibly in Europe"

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