Sunday 25 September 2016

Danish Victory in Austrian ‘Test’


BADEN (Vienna) - One week ago he was still in Puteaux near Paris for the Tri Nitro Riichi Tournament. Today, Kim Iversen from Denmark won the  Fourth Austrian Riichi Open at Baden (Vienna). For organizer Alexander Doppelhofer, this was a test for the European Championship 2013 which he would like to bring to Baden.


Alexander had designed a program with a style of a European championship. There was a city tour, a visit to the local casino and there were Japanese meals in the beautiful venue of the Wasabi restaurant, with lots of excellent Eastern food. But perhaps the tournament was scheduled too close to the Paris event; just 24 players participated in this MERS 2 competition.

Six hanchan

After Day 1 (three hanchan or sessions), Ans Hoogland from the Netherlands was in the lead. But after the sixth and last hanchan she found herself back in seventh position. Nicolas Poilleux from France was the runner-up, just 400 points before the best Austrian player, Lena Weinguny.

Alexander Doppelhofer: "An interesting detail: a Japanese man who happened to be at Baden for his holidays, came to watch the tournament. He arrived just after the start of the second hanchan and stayed until the end of the third. Fantastic. There was also the possibility of two games to do with him, one of which I won and the other Ans Hoogland. The fourth player at the table was Toncar Philip from Vienna."

Final results of the Fourth Austrian Riichi Open

Rank.First N. Last N.Nat. Points
1 Kim Iversen DAN 83.700
2 Nicolas Poilleux FRA 63.500
3 Lena Weinguny AUT 63.100
4 Margret Stollwitzer AUT 53.600
5 Cecile Laudy FRA 49.700
6 Alexander Wankmüller AUT 41.700
7 Ans Hoogland NED 21.700
8 Jasmin  Resch AUT 20.500
9 Birgitt Rupp AUT 10.800
10 Cor Hoogland NED 9.200
11 Juraj Jergus SVK 5.500
12 Matej Labas SVK 4.000
13 Matej Kucera SVK -12.300
14 Martin Lester GBR -13.600
15 Tobias Klüpfel GER -17.700
16 Hakan Svensson SWE -18.800
17 Jenifer Krawarik AUT -22.500
18 Daniel Siron SVK -23.700
19 Joel Ratsimandresy FRA -38.100
20 Tomas Siron SVK -40.000
21 Manuel Reisinger AUT -43.100
22 Ernest Glaser AUT -46.600
23 Elisabeth Frischenschlager AUT -71.600
24 Philipp Toncar AUT -79.000
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1Monday, 19 March 2012 08:21
Well done RER Crew for this excellent result !
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