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The French can do the ECR, but will they do it?


The French TNT Riichi club organized its first international tournament, which went almost flawlessly. An absolute beginner, Maude Grimberg, was the undisputed winner.


PUTEAUX, Île de France –  Last December, in Paris the Red Eyes Tournament ('get riichi or die tryin') was organized by riichi club RER. That was a first successful riichi tournament after the French Riichi Open 2011, which was done mainly by French MCR-players.

Today, in Puteaux, the Tri Nito Tiles Tournament was concluded - another successful event, organized by a French riichi club. So now, everybody wonders: will France also be the candidate to host the next European championship?

Probably not.

Says Valérian Thomas of the Tri Nitro Tiles, during a break of the TNT Tournament ‘1st detonation’, Sunday at Puteaux: “Organizing a tournament is really hard. Not only it is much work, but we had quite some cancellations from players, even in this last week.”

Besides, he says: “Most French players want to play themselves, and when you are organizing, you cannot play… And don’t forget, we have just started to play in tournaments, we have only recently joined the French mahjong federation FFMJ. It would be nice if the French MCR players would do the organization, so that the French riichi players will be able to play.”


Says Sébastien Berret, member of the board of FFMJ and of the presidium of the European Mahjong Association: “France will also organize the OEMC 2013 2014 in Strasbourg, so, I am not sure… I think for the EC Riichi we prefer Antwerp, that is a good place for the French, it is not so far away.” The coming week, TNT and Sébastien Berret will talk about the French candidature.

Antwerp is the venue where the Dutch plan to organize the EC 2013. Since they like this Belgian town so close to the Dutch border – and where actually Dutch is spoken – and since hosting a tournament in Belgium is much cheaper than in the Netherlands.

Just as the French, the Dutch have shown interest in organizing the next ECR. Even though they think that it is not really their turn, since they co-organized the ECR 2008 in Germany, and since they already organized the OEMC2005 and the world championship MCR in 2010. 

So perhaps, Austria may be the best candidate for the ECR2013 after all. Just the other day, Austrian player Alexander Doppelhofer officially submitted his application for the ECR at Baden/Vienna to the Austrian mahjong league. President Martin Scheichenbauer confirms that he has approved the application and has forwarded it to EMA president Tina Christensen.

Finger exercise

Whatever the outcome, the TNT tournament was a nice finger exercise for the TNT club. The brothers Valérian and Quentin Thomas had decided to refrain from playing in order to control the competition as well as possible. The venue was perfect, there was a nice evening program for the players (food, drinks, and the option to play remarkable mahjong variants like Washizu and American ‘mah’) and lunches, snacks and drinks during the tournament were all fine.


What was disappointing for the TNT club was the modest number of participants: 32, while they had expected some 64 players since that was the number of players last year when the first French Riichi championship took place, Perhaps this was due to the fact that in the same weekend, the Belgian MCR championship was held, at Temse.

The atmosphere during the TNT event was companionable and easy-going, and the outcome quite surprising. An absolute beginner won the tournament. Maude Grimberg, who had not started playing mahjong competitions until six months ago, was the indisputable number one. She was a very lucky player, but she had no problem maintaining her number one position, almost during the whole weekend.Runner-up was Hubert Vergaud, the number three player was Hide Hayashi.

Pictures of the tournament on Flickr

Video of the tournament

Results of the Tri Nitro Tournament 2012

Rank.First N.Last N.Nat.Points
1 Maude Grimberg FRA 222500
2 Hubert Vignaud FRA 216500
3 Hide Hayashi FRA 157300
4 Kiril Osipov FIN 149000
5 Kim Iversen DAN 146200
6 Nicolas Campina FRA 121000
7 Quentin Porcherot FRA 97400
8 Ans HOOGLAND NED 91800
9 Aziz AZOUGAGH FRA 91200
10 Martin Lester GBR 89000
11 Martin Rep NED 75600
12 Fabien Robert FRA 48000
13 Do Thu Khoa Trinh FRA 43800
14 Nicolas Pochic FRA 43700
15 Cor HOOGLAND NED 38700
16 Ian Fraser GBR -3700
17 Harry Kal NED -6900
18 Thomas Wedekind GER -9400
19 Gemma Collinge GBR -11000
20 Sebastien  Berret FRA -24800
21 Anthony Ea FRA -33300
23 Olivier Aubrun FRA -51400
24 Tony Haley GBR -51600
25 Antoine Rossard FRA -85300
26 Aubry Palouzier FRA -100200
27 Florent plisson FRA -102400
28 David Stallan GBR -143200
29 Peter Langford GBR -183700
30 Benoit Rugraff FRA -190000
31 Jean Marc Dedieu FRA -199600
32 Olivier Yang FRA -360800
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1Tuesday, 13 March 2012 08:47
Cor Hoogland
Well organized and a good atmosphere. It was nice to be back in Paris again
2Tuesday, 13 March 2012 10:12
The OEMC will actually take place in Strasbourg in 2014.
3Tuesday, 13 March 2012 13:19
Nicolas P
Honestly Martin, are you doing it on purpose?

or are you just unable to keep in mind that ReR( the other french riichi club, that you always forget about...)have already organize a Mers1 whit 40 players in late december?

Sorry to be a little pissed of, but this is, at least the third time we have to clarify the situation.
4Tuesday, 13 March 2012 21:47
Mahjong News
Bonjour Nicolas!

No, of course I am not doing this on purpose. But it is a sad thing that I overlooked the RER competition of last December (again). Excuse-moi!
To make it up with you, I will try to be there the next time. If you set a proper date, please count me in!
And it was nice playing against you in Puteaux. Looking forward to the next time.
Martin Rep
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