Thursday 17 April 2014

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157Monday, 17 March 2014 16:12
Mahjong News
Merci, Quentin!
I was really tired when writing this story… Thank you for the correction.
A bientôt!
Martin Rep
156Monday, 17 March 2014 14:05
Quentin Porcherot

The organizers of this tournament were Valérian and Quentin THOMAS. They were not playing.

155Tuesday, 25 February 2014 13:36
Yes, I fully agree that for small tournaments other seating schemes might be of better sense/ use.
For instance, ideal tournament is 5-sessions 16-players where everybody meets everybody.
154Tuesday, 25 February 2014 13:09

Besides that by 20 players it is still doubtful, if it would make any practical sense to use it (as everyone plays with 12 players out of the 19, which is 63%). I expect the tournaments, on which your software was used, were much bigger. I would say the optimal ratio should be below 50%, around 30-40% would be even better (so 32-40 players for 4H tournament).

153Tuesday, 25 February 2014 11:59
I am wondering what type of Seating System was used for this tournament, random or equally-matched?
How many hanchans it was, 4 or 5?
Tuesday, 25 February 2014 13:08

The tournament had 4 hanchans, and it was played with random draw, although we considered also Swiss system for some time. But for time concerns we didn`t use it at the end, as we didn`t have any non-playing staff.

First it was Rick, now it’s Laura’s time

rodevijven2010042DOETINCHEM, the Netherlands - A star is born! The second Red Fives tournament (riichi mahjong) today at Doetinchem, the Netherlands, was won by young Laura van Dorland. She is the friend of Rick Moorman, who, earlier this year, won the first Red Fives tournament.

Runner-up was Gertjan Davies, third prize was for Ingrid Broeder. 28 players participated in this MERS (1) certified tournament.

The Red Fives Tournament consisted of two parts. Yesterday part I took place; this was a recreational competition, the results of which only counted for the Dutch ranking.

There was also a prize for the player with the best accumulated results of the whole weekend. This trophy was for yesterday's winner, Janco Onnink.

Final classification


Class. First N.
Last N.
1 Laura van Dorland 106800
2 Gertjan Davies 83300
3 Ingrid Broeder 82400
4 Désirée Heemskerk 52900
5 Rudi Wong-Chung 46700
6 Rick Moorman 41700
7 Marian Croeze 38600
8 Sergey Dedikov (RUS)
9 Janco Onnink 36200
10 Martin Rep 34300
11 Bert Claessen 12800
12 Jaap Croeze 11600
13 Janna Guijt 8200
14 Dicky Rep 2400
15 Anneke Keyl -1000
16 Martha Pasterkamp -2300
17 Ilka Stummeyer (GER)
18 Maurice Demmer -9300
19 Marjan Demmer -13200
20 Hans Vos -25700
21 Dieta Onderwaater -27700
22 Diana Westdijk -33900
23 Gerda van Oorschot -39400
24 Dimphy van Grinsven -40600
25 Lois Morales -82900
26 Harry Kal -83300
27 Yvonne Heemskerk -115100
28 Hanneke Morel -116200

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