Friday 19 December 2014

Happy Christmas from the Weitzs and Mahjong News!   


KIRKLAND, Quebec (Canada) - Even though their Christmas Card has to travel all the way from Canada to Holland, Allan and Lila Weitz never fail, like Santa. For years, they have been the first to get their Christmas card in the postbox of Mahjong News. And then, we mean a real postbox, not a digital one.

Allan and his wife Lila Weitz are long time collectors of mahjong sets. They always picture themselves on the card they send their numerous friends, in Canada and world wide. E.g. last year, we saw them shopping and wearing T-shirts with the text ‘Mah-Jongg Sets Wanted’. This year, they pose behind some of their most beautiful mah-jongg cases.

Thank you so much for your faithful Season’s Greetings, Lila and Allan. Mahjong News seizes the opportunity to share your pretty card with all mahjong friends on the globe who are the visitors of the Independent Internet Mahjong Newspaper: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Janco Onnink wins Dutch ‘Red Fives’

redfives2010DOETINCHEM - Janco Onnink today has won the Dutch 'Red Fives' tournament (riichi mahjong). Runner-up was Russian player Dedikov Sergey, third prize was for Anneke Keyl. There were 36 players.

The tournament was not MERS-certified by EMA. Tomorrow, in the same location at Doetinchem, part II of the Red Fives tournament will take place. This will be an international competition (MERS 1).

Final classification

(unless otherwise indicated, all players have the Dutch nationality)

Rank. First N.
Last N. Pts.
1 Janco Onnink 104800
2 Dedikov Sergey (RUS)
3 Anneke Keyl 77200
4 Ton Rijnders 70700
5 Maurice Demmer 60100
6 Eveline Broers 50700
7 Betsie Daanen 50200
8 Ilka Stummeyer (GER)
9 Lois Lois Morales 33200
10 José Emaus 25700
11 Leni Janssen 20700
12 Jaap Croeze 18200
13 Janna Guijt 12800
14 Martin Rep 10200
15 Martha Pasterkamp 9500
16 Dieta Onderwaater 8200
17 Gertjan Davies 4800
18 Gerda van Oorschot -500
19 Marianne Croeze -5700
20 Harry Kal -7300
21 John Kuijpers -7500
22 Ria Lenting -12700
23 Gert van der Vegt -13300
24 Andre Rijnders -19600
25 Rick Moorman -20700
26 Chris Scheffler -24400
27 Dimphy van Grinsven -31200
28 Conny Scheffler -33600
29 Annemiek Peek -38800
30 Ida van der Bij -40100
31 Els Kuijpers -51500
32 Dicky Rep -55600
33 Marjan Demmer -68500
34 Laura van Dorland -73300
35 Riekie Kramp -90100
36 Hanneke Morel -102500

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